The Calm After the Storm


pain becomes such a huge of your life

that you expect it to allways be there

becaus you can't remember a time in your life..

when it wasn't...

but then one day..

you feel something else..

something that feels wrong..

only because its so unfamiliar..

and in that moment.. you realize

your happy..

happiness.. comes in

manny forms

in the company

of good friends

in the feeling you get

when you make

somone eles dream come true

or in the promise of hope renewed

its ok to let yourself be happy

because you never know how fleeting

that happiness might be



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The calm after the storm:



To happiness long may it live on, even if it visits only occasionally. Great poem, I enjoyed reading.

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Tank u for taking the time

Tank u for taking the time means a lot

Fritz etheart