Holiday Rush

Holiday Poems


Is it truly the Holiday

in winter without once

standing in a long line

like I did the day before



I saw the light in the eyes

of young relatives a day

later and it was soooooooo

worth the waiting in line,

for the cashier who looked

exhausted, facing turkey

and dressing and the fixings

to be done by tomorrow

for her own family to see

their smiles.


Freezer bagged, Thanksgiving

extras for weeks from now

or to wait as if in a line

with a tired cashier to be

joined by Christmas-In-A-Bag.


I was tired last year, up at 12:01 a.m.

a grandson requirement for when

we must open presents. Not a waiter

that one. This year and the rest

of my years from now, I will be alert,

nothing will be wrapped, a tag only.

None of those bright ribbons and sticky

dual colored bows either.


With the money saved, I can buy

myself a few presents. No more happy bags

from the dollar store. The earth will thank

me later. Last year's seventy wrapped

presents for family, for friends will all yield

to the new system.


I will be rested, happy, and unfrilled

plain as the giving is the reward,

not a lot of physical labor. By next

year, I'll have it down to an artform.

Maybe leave it in the mail order

shipping box and they can open

it themselves. I like this idea. It

is growing wings and will fly soon.


Happy whatever you celebrate

any time of year! Remember that

lines are avoidable if you E-Mail

order. Life is better when only

just the right amount of sweat

is involved.







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allets...holidays do get chaotic and hectic. however, what makes it worthwhile is the look in yoiur child's face, that warm smile, deep belly laughter, and the true happiness it brings. beautifully described here. hugs allets

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Hugz For The Holidays

Sometimes ya just need a hug. Thanks for the holiday greeting/wishes - be blessed and safe and look deeply into the eyes of children to let them know the gift of love ~Lady A~