Remember Remember the 8th of November


                                     Lolly Dorton


Now I'm dead dont you dare Cry,
You couldnt wait for me to Die.
It was you who ripped my life Apart,
Who can live with a shattered Heart?
You cant help who you fall for, its True
I had the bad luck to fall for selfish You.
Way to many years wasted trying to make you See
You and I together were meant to Be.
I had your Children when I became your Wife,
I was honest and faithful those 44yrs of my Life.

When I said those words "Till death do us Part,
I said them, I meant them, with the all of my Heart.
Yet you cheated so often, even brought them to our Home
All to con me into believing you would never Roam.
You just never loved me I finally Realise,
Sadly way to late I suddenly became Wise.
Now my life is over and to late you will See
Noone will ever love you as deep and true as Me.
You cant hurt me anymore as I am laid to Rest,
Thank God my pain and life is over, its for the Best....

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Wrote this when I realised I had wasted my life loving one cheating man Wishing I had never forgiven him the first time he cheated Trust me Once a cheat ALWAYS a cheat. Too late I realised this really is true. Finally alone and am LOVING it No more heartache and am loving life ......