We sneaked a kiss down by the lake

and it was such fun to get it

I wish that I could get one more

to savor and relive it


He was such a handsome lad

and I was just thirteen

but Momma said, There would be no more

for my first kiss, she'd seen 


But late one night I heard a noise

and I stole outside the door

we went to the lake and sneaked a kiss

just like we'd done before


Oh woe is me, Ma found me out

and she had a bloomin' fit

and when she was done with me that night

I could barely sit


So I'll postpone this kissing thing

till maybe when I'm older

that gives him time to grow up too

and to get a little bolder





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That was so entertaining and a "light hearted" feeling to it.

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Stollen kisses:



Forbidden love, how disappointing for you both. A lovely poem, full of teenage spirit and determination. A good read and well choosen words, I just loved the rhyming.