The tears in my eyes are only the first indicators of the

fear in my heart. The fear that i will continuously be tortured from your bouncing from my heart to another mans and back to mine playing everyone in your life like a switchboard im just another inlet you plug your switch into. I am weary from the pain and burden of loving you, but i stay for reasons no one but god knows why. I cant leave. When i wake every morning i think of you. When i walk to school i think of you. When i goto work i think of you. When i lay in bed i think of you. Before i take the blades to my skin to rid myself of all other problems in this world i think of you. When i cry myself to sleep i think of you. You distract my day and you haunt my nights. My mind screams get away from her, but my heart begs me to give her another chance. I do nothing. In this one instance, nothing is better than something. Pain is better than fake happiness. 

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Fake happiness sucks. :/

Fake happiness sucks. :/ maybe you will find something happier within your own heart.

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Pain As Love

Danger Will Robinson. Blades sunk in the skin is no time to think of your love and other dependancies. Time to get your own space. Time for you, not living your life through others who are unfaithful. Find a new love. The old love is hurting you - but you know that, right?  ~allets

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