Fairytale Princesses Ruined My Childhood.


They constantly made me believe,

I was to sit in some far off tower

Suspended above the ground,

or tormented by step sisters

longing for the day my Prince,

my knight in glorious shining armor,

Would ride upon his gallant steed,

burst through the doors and whisk me away,

to a wedding in his castle upon the hill top.

And I, a foolish girl, so disillusioned,

by what they made me believe

I was destined to have.

Let myself be walked all over and taunted,

by evil classmates and others,

believing it was for the best

Because my knight in shining armor

was on his way to rescue me.

But after a while the tears became too much,

and I prayed for my knight,

to save me from this razor,

I so longed to drag across my wrist,

to slowly pry these pills from my palm,

to hold me close and whisper in my ear,

"its Okay, your Knight is here."

But again no one rode up

on a stark white steed,

asking from my hand in marriage.

And the taunting was still unbearable,

the jokes were still cruel,

but the tears no longer fell,

because I finally realized those stories lied.

So I finally spoke up and confronted,

all those evil "step-classmates."

and those evil bitches beant on locking me in towers.

And that's when I realized,

The Only Knight on a white steed,

riding at the speed of light,

to come to my rescue was....












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Morningglory's picture

Love it! Sounds like it could

Love it! Sounds like it could be a piece in my fairytale. Can't wait to read more... that is if there is a ...continued.

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DreamingNightmares's picture

There most likely will be to

There most likely will be to be completely honest,

Its just hard balancing a job in retail during the holiday season and maintaining the poem here and there way I do.

But I definitely plan on continuing to write more often.

This wont be a name easily forgotten!

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Oh, it must be sooo busy for

Oh, it must be sooo busy for you. Hope you get a chance to slow down and write. I'll keep my eyes open for it when I'm on line. and no, your name will not be easily forgotten. :)

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