Fay can see Baruch
from the window
of the living room
down on the area


of grass below
he is alone
sitting on one
of the bomb shelters


left over
from the war
she peers down at him
taking in


the cowboy hat
the silver looking
6 shooter toy gun
he seems


to be cleaning
she wishes
she was there
with him


but her father
says she is to stay in
and learn about the saints
and said he will


quiz her later
when he gets home
from work
about them to see


what she has learnt
the book
is on the chair


a bookmark
of St Benedict
lies on top
her mother


is in the kitchen
preparing soup
she knows her mother
would turn a blind eye


if she wanted
to go out
but they both know
that her father


would punish her
if he caught her out
with Baruch


the Jew Boy
as her father calls him
the killer of Our Lord
he often says


although Baruch
denies being involved
in any way
she hopes Baruch


will look up
at her window
and see her
he has put his gun


in the holster hanging
from the belt
of his jeans
and holds a rifle


bought for him
for his birthday
he aims at the sky
and twirls around


pretending to shoot
pigeons flying
over head
she watches him


as he aims
at the coal wharf
where the coal carts
are being loaded


with coal
from chutes above
her father doesn't like
Baruch even though


Baruch always smiles
and says shalom
to him if he passing
her father on the stairs


of the flats
Baruch says
her father is a schmuck
but she doesn't know


what that means
but if Baruch said it  
it must be a nice term
she thinks wiping away


the steamed up glass
where she has
breathed on it
she blows him a kiss


from the palm
of her thin hand
he doesn't know
but he'll get it


any how she knows
he aims at
the steam train
passing over


the bridge
by the Duke of Wellington pub
she smiles as he does
the kickback


from his rifle
the train passes
the driver unaware


he has been fired upon
by a cowboy
from the grass
she eyes him


wants him to look up
at her window
he lifts the rifle


to the sky again
and fires
then he pauses  
lowers his rifle


and stares at her window
she waves
he looks
she waves frantically


he looks away
she bites a lip
he stares up
at her window


and beckons her down
with a wave
of his hand
she waves


crossing her hands
as if to say
can't come
he gazes


and then waves
and blows a kiss
from his hand


then he climbs down
from the bomb shelter
and disappears
the grass is empty


he has gone
the book of saints
lies on the chair


she goes
from the window
and picks it up
and opens


and begins to read
a good portion
of her 11 year old


girl's heart

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