Darkness to Bliss

Darkness To Bliss

Years spent in the void
With no end in sight

But you ventured in
And brought in the light

You dragged out a corpse
That was holding a knife

You cleaned all its wounds
And brought it to life

You taught it to feel
But it could only cry

You dried all its tears
And then it could fly

Its wings were spread wide
It was peaceful like a dove

It gazed into your eyes
And it fell in love

It knew not what it had
And was surprised by this


I never thought you'd bring me
From darkness to bliss

Author's Notes/Comments: 

First poem I wrote and just looking to share. Give feedback please!

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allets's picture

Forever Love


The truth is she brought you from darkness

to bliss. Done with a miraculous and lingered

first kiss. This is the meaning of feathers

in flight. Dove wings always transform

darkness to bright.


~Lady A~





A wonderful write this - enjoyed your poem enormously ~allets