Inner City Dreams

Inner City Dreams

By the grace of God a child is created,

But his mom is broke and his pops evaded.

He was raised in the hood with killers, slangers, and bangers,

So he had to get out quick because the thought is contagious.

See there’s winners and losers young boy that’s a fact.

Where he’s from you got a choice either ball or you trap,

On the block slangin’ dope or making studio raps.

But his moms raised him better than to slang that crack.

But they need money now so he plots out his scheme,

To get moms right and have him living the dream.

He wants to play ball, and hear his name as fans scream.

5 am he’s on his grind while most still dream.

Now it’s all legit and he stands for something,

It makes it that much sweeter ‘cause he came from nothing.

He’s still in high school, but is mind is made.

He’s a monster in the game just getting by in his grades.

But what does he need school for, ball is his life.

And the offers keep pouring in, but his mind ain’t right.

He’s swayed by, false hopes promised to him by a coach.

He doesn’t think it through, he thinks that he knows.

What they don’t tell him is it’s not garunteed.

You might not be good enough to get to the league.

Yet he rests his future in one old man’s hands,

Who doesn’t care for him more than his personal brand.

He even let the coach choose his major and class,

Since when did you begin to follow another man’s path?

But he doesn’t really care ‘cause he’s the big man on campus.

As he walks down the hall everyone stares and glances.

He put in the work, and deserve to be admired.

He broke his back for that school,

no such thing as tired.

But accidents happen to even the best in the group,

But he never thought that one could ever happen to him.

In one split second his career is done,

And all he gets is I’m sorry son.

He gave that program four years of his life,

With nothing to show for it, something’s not right.

He neglected his mind, and went with his might,

Now what does he have?

No future in sight.

He’s back where he started,

Funny how things can switch.

And his legend of greatness, no longer exists.

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