Sadness is a part of your existence,

Don’t you blame it,

Since it makes you realise,

The worth of happiness.


As laughter is nothing without cry,

You should embrace sadness,

In order to grow and be enlightened,

Hard to face it yet you should try.


Fire purifies gold and with flute the same is true,

Sadness will make your heart chaste and polished too.

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bishu's picture

Waiting for two more of your good stuff for 200 Mr Haque

This was an age-old doctrine which you thankfully shared.Waiting for two more of your good stuff for 200 Mr Haque.The 200th one must be a stunner I hope..... 



KingofWords's picture

I'm looking forward to it as well

Thanks a lot Mr. Bishu. Hopefully I'll be able to touch that mark (200) soon.

allets's picture

You Are Right

Without Hell, there can be no heaven, black stays dark without light. We are one when we know and experience the oppositie of what we elect to practice and embrace - Nice write ~Lady A~



KingofWords's picture

Thank you

Thank you so much allets. :)