In Our Infirmities

In Our Infirmities


Sometimes the things we face, are manifest for God’s grace,

As men live through this life, for the purpose of Jesus Christ,

As God uses an ordinary man, for His Purpose and His Plan,

Using infirmities within our life, to display the power of Christ.


Where we’re found in life today, Christ gives us words to say,

This when we face confrontation, in this ever changing nation,

With God revered less and less, we walk in His righteousness,

As God’s Word we must herald, within an ever changing world.


We need to lead in God’s Ways, in these ever darkening days,

This to turn men back to God, as led by Christ’s staff and rod,

As God’s Spirit leads all of us, those who follow Christ Jesus,

While being faithful to The Lord, when by others He is ignored.


Thorns in the flesh come to us, so we fix our eyes upon Jesus,

So that in our walk flesh is denied, that we are not led by pride,

So God’s grace will be the story, that God alone gets the glory,

For our Lord alone sustains us, all by the grace of Christ Jesus.


In Christ, wherever we are sent, Christ alone is always sufficient,

Far beyond anything we can see, our Lord is able to abundantly,

Do wherever He may have us go, beyond all we think and know,

As God works through our life, the will and plan of Jesus Christ.


(Copyright ©12/2013 Bob Gotti)

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