Young heart



   I was a 20 year old girl with the counsciousness of a 26 year old,

   Who runned a bedding company on her own...


   I was 20, with so much on the inside

   And so much on the outside...


   I was 20, but i wasnt happy,

   Still i was a 20 year old little star that shined in every dark...


   I was 20 and i did not know what i was,

   I still don't know what i exactly am, but im creating a buzz...


   When you're 20 and you re still young,

   You dont play with loaded guns (they say), And you dont aimlessly stand infront of one...


   (But i thank you for shooting me down),I learned how to stand up,

    With no legs and with half of a heart


    I thank you for giving me a reason for...(You'll see what).



                     I did not burry my heart.





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Does Zaz Rhyme With Jazz?

You tell 'em what for! 20, 43 years ago, I had that kind of feisty. I hope the matress company was a business and not anything else metaphoricaly.(grin here) :) - like your mind when it spits ~Allets~





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Hehe well actually its my 26

Hehe well actually its my 26 year old ex lover who had the matress company:) 

Glad you liked the poem! :D