all too abruptly we were

cast out of our paradise
with you in your overwhelming tears

then I in my gradual disbelief
and off to our separate stagnant corners
of the world we staggered
you back to being damn near the
automaton again
existing for little more than work
and family
ere the isolationist (your words)
rubbing elbows with those of the
downtrodden and then the privileged
whereas me, I ever remain a prisoner of
my own emotional defeat
the candy coating has washed off
dripping its sweetness down into the
careless street
revealing the age old rust of our prior past
from what once tasted like prized peppermint
leaves only the aftertaste of iron's crust
a myriad of once lovely memories instead
now try to cower in the corner and cringe
such wounded and weary days
I stumble through
the nights in their relentless length
torture me
allowing the sadness to openly pursue
this heart so achingly inappropriate
wondering when all this unbelievable madness
will cease and desist
and my wondrous you will reappear breaking free
of this past October's midst
to embrace me, caress me , absorb me
and show me the clear cut path to our
permanent home of togetherness
empty but hopeful I await
eager to put behind me
all this dark matter so dipped in depression
and sold to us both as the present................
(Dec. 9, 2013 635pm)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For he whom, my heart continuously beats for...........

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    Can't resist putting



Can't resist putting yourself through the paces, of not being to acquire your desired lover. Maybe better to have fond memories and move on rather than to wait upon dreams. Loved your poem, your hunger for a future with your desired partner is made very real in this poem you have written and created. Enjoyable read.




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Hindsight is 20/20

it was doomed likely from the very start. Now it just makes for some nice disjointed memories. Thank you for your pep talk comments. I'm glad you so liked it and must apologize for taking so long to respond to your generosity of comment. Sincerely, Melissa