Guardian Angel

Dreams and Schemes

Laying awake in a darkened room,

as tears spill from bloodshot eyes

onto an already sodden sheet.
She looks upwards into the unyielding night

and prays for some type of sanctuary.

"Please come help me, take me away.

From this pain that drags me slowly down."

But no answer came and tears still fell.

As broken sobs racked her chest

and her shoulders shook so hard,

that it became almost unbearably painful.

And she prayed again with a shaking voice.



And all of sudden she saw a bright light

fall from the sky like a bright golden glow.

and it smashed so heavily into the hard ground.

Barely clad in any clothes she shot from her apartment

down into an alley and looked to the ground.

Where a man clad in peasant clothes and shoes.

She looked at this man with an attractive face.

And prepared to race away at top speed.

Only to be stopped by a single feature.

His eyes, kind eyes of the deepest brown,

that seared deep into her soul and left an impression.

And with barely moving lips he murmured her name.

And at that she fled at top speed down the block,

only to be quickly surrounded by a group of men.

She spun in circles clenching her robe about her,

pretending as though that would protect her,

from their cold hands and ever wandering eyes.

Then suddenly she was blinded by a golden light

just like the one that she had seen fall from the sky.
Once it was gone all the men laid at her feet,

beaten completely bloody except for one,

a single man stood covered in bloody peasant clothes.

He kneeled in front of her and palmed her side,

only then did she realize that her side was covered

in what appeared to be her own bright red blood.

He looked deep into her eyes and asked a question.

"Do you want to live?" She replied, "I do not know."

He shouted into her face, "DO YOU WANT TO LIVE?"

Before giving herself a chance to think she shouted back,

with tears streaming down her cheeks, "I DO!"

And he looked deep into her eyes and said,

"Then you shall, but remember I will always be with you."

He began to lean into her face but before he got to close

she whispered, "You never told me your name."

With a slight chuckle he murmured "Lewin."

And pressed his lips firmly against hers.

Then everything went white.

The next thing she knew she was laying in bed,

fingers pressed against her lips and

hand against her unwounded side,

looked up into the sky clear and blue as the sea

and murmured his name against her fingertips,



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Basically a story in abstract poetry form. But i love the way it flows.

Written for my bestestestestestestest friend ever.

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Loved every moment of it. :)

Loved every moment of it. :)

Copyright © morningglory

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Thanks Love <3

Thanks Love <3