Dark alleys and fading lights.

I need to become the man that has been lying dormant in my soul.  I've been fooling myself thinking that the life that I have been living is the life I was destined to live, love, and learn. I used to be so innocent and these dark vibes have been tormenting my person for far too long.  I have a family that loves me and friends that enjoy my company.  I have been traveling down a dimly lit alley ever since I left the most stable part of my life.  Everything used to be so damn simple, if I didn't have the answer I came to the conclusion I was only asking the wrong question.  The words etched on my over worked brain have been drowned in a steady down pour of let downs and hopeless nights.  I'm fighting this storm every second of my life.  How can one be so full of light yet so clouded by darkness.  The beams of hope shine bright on every wrinkle and scar my body has endured since being placed on this planet.  Those that have looked into my eyes have seen just what I am talking about.  Find hope, search far and wide, know what it feels like to be free, to be unchained and to have something to live for.  Accept love, face your darkness, move along, and be true with your words, they will live on longer than your human body and inspire life in the same breath. 

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