Deep inside the tribal jungle

Hangs a makeshift signboard

A skull and crossbones painted black

A real human skull and real human bones

Probably painted with flaking lampblack soot

White haired old lady sits on a rickety chair

In front of her a rough wooden plank

Supported with a dozen old bricks

It is well past sunset ,no electricity in jungle

The smoky kerosene lamp cast an eerie glow


On the wooden plank are placed few rag dolls

Beside them small rusted large pins

A small rusted tin box with vermillion paste

The room is stuffy ,claustrophobic- no windows

Kerosene smoke soot hangs around the cobwebs

The local tribals go to her for defeating enemies

Her intricate art of believable witchcraft

She pierces pins smeared with vermillion paste

Mercilessly into the stuffed rag dolls

Strange that even in 2013 she thrives

Plenty of customers who believe her lies



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The Verdun

Voodoo is a religion and has a large following. Belief has no bounds. We believe in angels and water changed into wine, walking on water, and touching of hands to heal the sick. We also believe in raising from the dead in the past and that it will happen in the future, where we get a second chance - go figure. Faith. Yeah, fabrications mostly. ~Lady A~

Lady A


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Thank you very much for your kind read Respected Mm Allets

Thank you very much for your kind read Respected Mm Allets.Faith,belief,Love are the tripod on which we (humans) stand(my humble view)



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Shiver Me Timbers, Popeye!

I am a believer too, humble you - Love and Thanks and Profound Belief - Lady A

Lady A