The Norman Bates Song

Rewrite of Kiss' song Murder In High Heels. Inspired by the famous  Psycho film.


Hey with a Hitchcock slight of hand and a psycho word of mouth

I have become the mighty she-cat

Now, oh no

Won't be too long

Before my legend is breakin' out

Well, Mister Director

Better get it straight

In this story

I'm the star

Gonna wet every eye

And rip out every heart

When my victims die

Movie crowds gonna scream

For more, more,  more

In box office numbers too big to ignore

Yeah, bloodlust and greed

It's what Hollywood and Norman Bates are all about


Under the cover of Mother's clothes

I have discovered

Inside of me lurks

My true other

Gets just a little then begs

For more, more, more

A dark craving

I simply cannot ignore

Even if I could

I like to be

The Get Even Bitch

So if you know what's good for you

Better get going

While the going is good

Cause here comes Norman

Dressed as dear mother

And he sure ain't lookin' pretty


I'm a stone cold killer

Your blood spilling

All over the shower floor

My ulimate thriller

Ooh turn me on

Let me rub that salt in your wound

Yeah, when you hear me turning that door knob

It's too late

Your life song is down to its last tune


Yes, I have become  her

My mother in high heels

Well gladly I'll rip out your heart

In her memory

Yes, I'll shatter your mind

Cause I'm her

Murder in high heels

And your nasty, dirty soul

I'm ready

So ready to burn at the stake


Oh yeah

Beware the strange lookin' girl next door

Cause she could well be me

Lookin' for a fool

A fool worth lookin' for

Well no no my boy

You don't wanna be caught

Playin' with this fire

I'll bury you 6 feet deep

Under my motel floor


Gonna bring you to your knees

Lay you to no easy rest

Yeah, Norma Bates gonna give you something

Give you something

You'll never forget


Yeah yeah yeah


2013 Ramona Thompson  


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