There was fresh flowers
on the grave
that Jane showed you
outside the small church  


the sun was warm
and cows
were just over
the hedge surrounding


you could hear them
munching the grass
and trotting by
unconcerned by death


or the symbols
of death
and Jane said
the tractor fell


on top of him
the other month
you stared
at the flowers laid there


bright in the sunlight
a small glass vase
holding a smaller bunch


child picked maybe
they'll have to
move out now
that he's dead


it being
a tied cottage
she said
and you could see


the sadness
in her features
the tearful eyes
mouth slightly open


words like
broken china pieces
where will they go
the mother and children?


you asked
the local council
will house them
I expect


she said
she gazed at the grave
and bent
and picked up


a small flower
from the nearby grass
and laid it
by the other flowers


God bless him
in His peace
she said softly
the cows


stilled munch
over the hedge
a bird called
from the hedgerow


you looked at her
standing there
a blue ribbon
in her dark hair


her green top
and black skirt
knee length
sad end


you said
one of the dangers
of farming


she said quietly
she moved away
and you followed
and she held out a hand


and you took it
and went
into the small church
and sat


in one of the pews
inside and stared
at the stained glass windows
sunlight pouring in


like liquid gold
the flagstone floor
and pew end


at the front
and her hand
still held yours


blood pumping
along arteries
life and living


and she and you
and outside
he sleeping
in his God's peace


and the cows
munching the grass
and birds calling
from hedgerows


and sky
and always
with you
the eternal why.

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