Beer Foam In A Strange Glass


The intention was to accomodate

any and all who sip foam from oddly

shaped glasses. The beer beneath

is cold and biting, the foam lingers,

and you are laughed at kindly.


The taste lingers all the way

to the stomach and the intestines

and kidneys perk up with

sweet anticipation of alcoholic

nirvana. The tongue is not

adequate to remove all the froth,

For those of you who do not

drink beer. This one is not

for you.







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bishu's picture

Your post made me beer thirsty Madam Allets.. Very nice

  Cheery froth



allets's picture

Absolutely Fantastic!

Okay, you got me, right down to the label. Thanks, you made me laugh out loud, fo real - still laughing. Thanks for this gift beloved and most honorable and whacky bish ~Lady A~