Lilac Petals

Lilac Petals rain down

from an unmoving sky.

As tears fall from the solemn eyes

of children wondering why

They feel the sudden urge to cry.
Without any explanation

Sunflower petals rain down

He loves me, and he loves me nots,

a teenage girl's daft dreams

believing his feelings can be determined

by simply plucking the petals

of an already dying flower.

Rose Petals rain down

as a husband and wife

undress each others bodies,

seeing them for the first time

and with amazement they touch

with trepidation they fondle

with love they carress.

Daisy Petals rain down,

as relative cry silently

as the bodies of their loved ones

are lowered into the ground,

to disappear for eternity,

And the pitter patter of rocks and soil,

slap against the top of the coffin

it signifies there final goodbyes.

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