Held Under Glass

It's when you look in the places your scared to
That you see the problem is lying in front of you
We're held under glass trying to break through
We're held under glass
Everything beautiful came from the dark
I'm swimmin in dirt but all I see are sharks
Feel like I'm being held underneath glass
Trying to break through but I can't get past
Feels like I'm stuck in the bottom of the anartic
Too far below to get back to where I started
Drownin in this ocean
Every other day there's a new tragedy on the news
You never know one day it could happen to you
The media parkin outside your school's too
Tragedy surrounding your sons and daughters
Just so they can profit off it and stir more controversey
They'll move on quicker than the Nets left Jersey
All they care about is dollar signs and publicity
Trying to spark a debate on whether to take away the guns from the city
So they can drag it out and make their pockets fatter
They can't decide on whether or not to keep god in the banner
The empty weren't always hollow, every leader once followed
The fake try to climbin up the ladders
Broken people can't figure out what's the matter
All that's left is the snakes and the sharks
How ya gonna see em living in the dark
Everything beautiful came from the dark
A reason to wake up every mornin, you need that spark
It's left up to you to figure it all out
But you can't fix it if you don't know how
You can't expect anybody to do it for you
Forget the haters they just some sad dudes
People feel like they living a lie
The system ain't honest and you wonder why
They abuse the law and break it
Cause they wonderin what the guy was thinkin who made it
It's bullshit no matter which way you turn
Make sure you ain't standin on it when the bridge burns
Next time your feelin down walk in the park
You'll look at life with a brand new start
Cause everything beautiful came from the dark
We're held under glass tryin to break through
We're held under glass