Ancient Ice


Ancient ice                                                 


Should you run into a faerie

murder will be in the air.

Watch your change closely for

the speaking will be spare.


All in! All in! Say they.

 I've prepared a feast

of honey and morning dew.

Come rest your bones,

 your weary mind,

 find comfort here, won't you?

 Well won't you please come near to me?

Touch my shoulder firm,

 I've many things to teach you,

there's so much for us to learn.


If in your travels you should find

 beauty without measure,

 it's just a hand to help you see

 where is the real treasure.

For it is not here that you will find

 such mysteries revealed.

You must look beyond such pale

for these things have been sealed.

So soft the touch of golden skin,

so lovely perfumes rise,

as if to offer sacrifice

with one look into those eyes.

Thus river flows from purest streams,

 it's fed by ancient ice,

where Edens garden cools beneath,

where the winds always ask twice.


 So should you dabble,

so should you seer,

 into forbidden realms,

the sacrifice is great and filled with sin

 when you're no longer at the helm.


 You've got your shield.

 I hope you’ve got your rod and staff.

 And maybe on your harp you play

something to get you back.


To the land plenty!

To desolate streets and fields!

To barren posts of past wars,

where many a soul did yield.


Put up a fight! Put up a fight!

Use your sword and spear.

Deftly swing your battle axe,

hold on your end is near.

Tis beauty that you fight against

and truth you're fighting for.

 The beautiful feet you’re wearing

must run into the war.

With spear held high

the lightning strikes,

the ground is split in two.

The tablets of the law fall in

right on top of you.


Get up, climb out!

Dust off your ancient bow.

Count up all your arrows,

you've still a ways to go.

The Lord of heaven and earth is calling

and his aim is always true.

 Raise up your hands, bow your head

He's calling after you.


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bishu's picture

This one truly impressed me..middle stumps off Sir Mookamook

This one truly impressed me..middle stumps off Sir Mookamook..... Almost a battle cry for  lifes hard battle.Truly nice Sir.