My mind is raping my own heart

The same old story, nothing new

But I'm tired, I'm sick of that

Please help me, tell me what to do.


Stop crying, begging, running, hiding,

Lying, dying and denying,

Stop crawling like a rotten worm

Start fighting, living for your soul.


But will it help, will demons die?

Will heart start beating and soul start fight?

Will sky be clear and land be green?

Will angels somehow start to win?


Take a breath and heal your wound

Dark ones shall vanish, they shall be doomed!

I've heard a song, it has revealed

That we're the ones who start to build!



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    Marvellous poem about



Marvellous poem about your country, I think you are referring too. As you commented at the end of your poem building a country and not just in bricks and mortar, is very important for a people and stability of a country for the people. Loved your write, a good read and very well written.