Corpse Pose

Hand Written

"Feel it, 

the sensation of breathing, 

with a new friend. 



the addition, 

but the release of a union

of muscle and sinew, 



cast to the side. 

The breath


with the support 


of the floor. 

The ground, 

the dirt below, 

thinking now


of feeling the green grass

in between your toes, 

the Earth, 

our Earth. 


Nay, she is not ours, 

we are instead Hers. 

Your breath... 

given strength by Mother Earth. 


Do you feel it? 

The ebb of the Earth, 

the beat, 

the ancient, encompassing embrace. 


Do you feel the flow

of the Ocean,

the breath of Mother Earth

made manifest?


Do you feel the presece

of the energy,

in this room, 

right now?


The energy that is still, 

the energy that links us, 

neighbor to neighbor, 

the energy of the mightiest wave


crashing onto the shore,

the wrath of the surf

felt as fury by the surfer

that Hell hath no. 


The energy of the exhausted canine

resting finally on couch

with the child who so tenderly

ran it tired. 


The energy when Autumn comes

when you're not quite done

kissing Summer



Do you feel the breath? 

Do you feel your mind 

spiraling all over this

whirl of whimisical words?


Do you feel the heart? 

Your heart? 

My heart? 

The flow of energy 


of the one to your left

or right? 

Us all, limited not

to labels


or categories, 

not by old, young, 

American, skin tone, 

the foolish boy or the sweet lady.


Try Human, 

Homo Sapien, 

try Earthling, 

giggling practitioner about spirit fingers. 



you know what? 

I do not

need to instruct, 


because I feel it. 

I feel you. 

I feel joy,

stress, searing pain, 


us joining as a whole

with our Om. 

So beautiful, 

you people. 


This is it. 

This is you, this is me. 

This is Mother Earth. 

I feel it.


And maybe you do too."

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The piece I wrote for Lululemon's UNITEd State campaign, during a yoga session I sat and observed.

Go to Sleep

Go to sleep


You are weakened

from the week and

you feel like you are in need of

a whole weekend

of good treatment

or just taking the whole week off!

your achievement

for the evening

is that now you can just dream of

anything that

you believe in

close your eyes and try to think of

an appeasing

memory and

that's the best therapy!


Don't count sheep,

just go to sleep

and dream of life how it should be

with your eyes closed

 you can see

anything easily!



When I close my eyes

I see to my surprise

the mind behind my blindness!

Where I can find good guidance!

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Coffee, the heart warming drink, makes people feel alive.

Bubbling with froth

Foaming around the brim

Steaming hot affection

Relieving heavy burdens

Melting away your anger

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Chill 2.0

Back in the same spot

Where time freezes

Carrot and tomato juice

And company of visible angels

Celebrating the now.


Tomorrow has to wait.


If it doesn’t come –

We’re not sitting here in vain

For this moment, this time…

This miniscule part of the revolving

Of the earth, of universe –

Of life.

Is eternalized.


We breathe…


Tomorrow has to wait.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

13Jan13- Dinner with Jes, Shalee and Soon Kong @ the Little Cottage Café, Penang Island.


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Chill 1.0

The universe revolves

I close my eyes…

I feel it move – slow and fast.

Round and round – I’m dizzy

In this spiral worlds of ups and downs,

I drown.

I scream – Silently.

And yet, at the end of the day…

There’s time to breathe –

To exist.

Here and now – I freeze time.

At the Little Cottage Café.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

09Jan13- First dinner at the Little Cottage Café, Penang Island. Long day. Thanks, Jes. 


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