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F*ck The Federal Reserve

The Federal Reserve is a separate entity from our government. From any government. They control how much money is worth and in circulation through the ENTIRE world. Let's take the Rothchild's name for example. They bought the AP (Associated Press) which basically controls the media outlets throughout the entire world. They control it all. Not only the money...Who is elected president in the US, caused the depression, collected gold from US citizens through propaganda , and a very large amount of the rest of the world's gold. Control and orchestrated wars and have impoverishment entire nations...millions of lives lost...all the blood on there and a few similar family names on THEIR hands. . .Net worth?? 500 Trillion. The Forbes? That aint shit (excuse my language)!! That report is controlled by the war machine, political tycoons known as The Rothchild's. Please. PLEASE. Heed the call...Our World, not nation, but WORLD needs to wake up. The Rothchild's estate could feed, shelter and provide the priceless HOPE of the entire world...But instead?? They control it. WHAT WOULD YOU DO?? Provide World Peace? Or orchesttate what you want to happen?...Find a way to make an extra Trillion off a dying nation? ...Every empire falls...Lets topple the Rothchild estate! It's time for change! WAKE UP! This is it!! I have children and I will not stand for a World that does not look into and prove their best interest. You are either with them or with me. Choose wisely. Money over Righteousness?...Who will win?...fucking Greeks. 

People Just Doing People Things

People Just Doing People Things

Were not all the same.

Some copy people of fame,

Like a broken Karaoke Machine.


Were not all the same,

lets keep it that way.

Want to hear covers,

Not your on thing.


Were people just people,

That do different things.

Not nature to copy,

Not made a machine.


What's wrong with the people,

That do differently.

NO shepherd, NO sheep

NO frills and NO bills,

Just people doing people things.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

You read this once and then twice. A different meaning maybe.

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