Are you panicking yet?




I’m panicking

The lot of the over thinker

The second one gets down time

They run circles round their mind so fast their head spins and their heart rate increases

Their breathing gets shallow and their movements fast

Over thinking

Reading into all the little shit

How you clung to me

Held hands above my head and pulled me into you

Nudged noses and maintained eye contact

Kissed away the tears I cried

Buried your face into my cheeks to hide the very action

How you say you don’t want this

How you wouldn’t leave me

Rubbed my back with love while I napped

Held me in the shower

Laughed like we were kids

Kissed my cheek good bye

And let me over think the little things into circles round my racing heart and shortened breath of panic

My entire body saying I can’t do this again


As if it weren’t running enough all ready


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Nice Portrait of a Woman's Mind

I was overthinking recently and realized I had learned to stop and did. Life has been fine, really fine since then. But back in the day, couldn't turn it off. Maybe it's hormonal or related to sugar over intake. Any road, felt this one RWR! - Yrs In Writing, Lady A




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I think sometimes its just a sign of a philisophical soul :)

I rarely over think these days, tend to be more feel and go, trust your gutt! in fact, if I am over thinking, often its a sign to put my energies else where, if I can think so much, its not as conected as I thought...

Much Love