Blood in my Ink

I danced to his enchanting ballet,
with a temptation so delicious,
it began beckoning me.


No refrain in his heart could be traced,
his soft sighs vibrated, slipping into my mind,
luminous moonlight exposing my chase.


Although I was not suggestive, I could not hide.
He became the moon, shining forever in my eyes,
his pace was slow, yet delightful.


His smile, enriched my soul with his mere shadow,
compelling me to taste his scarlet lips,
becoming an enchanted new experience.


Now the blood within my ink,

is known as my personal eclipse,
the moon became a candle to my soul,

bringing memories of ecstasy forevermore.

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9inety's picture

I see that your poetry

appreciates the special connection between the heart and the words and the effect that has on the reader. I find poems about the enduring appeal of love to be essential.

Great Write!




"One of the best results of life, is the torment of love"

Dylan Eliot

Dani-Elle's picture

Thank you so very much

Yes, I completly agree with you. Thank you for being my new friend. :)