Letter to the future


To all the future generations, I earnestly apologize

On behalf of all the people who currently colonize

Our planet, for we do not want to compromise

We’d rather die than renounce our consistent rise!


At what price? Don’t worry, the earth will still be round

Only we will have burned every fossil in the ground

Eradicated a few species, but I’m declaring under oath

We’re not willing to give up on our exponential growth!


Exponential growth is our one and only wisdom!

We have even applied it to our monetary system!

And since then, things have been doubling in size

Every once in a while, just like the oil price.


Like the economic output and the world’s population,

The Polluting emissions or the eco devastation

We have concentrated the power of our nation

On keeping up with the pressure of inflation.


Every now and then we face depression or a crash

The extent of the next one is a question of math.

You might call that an irrational bet

We just call it our national debt


The immense expenses paying off the interest rates

Are amongst the highest in the so called „independent states“

Money is loaned into existence, created out of thin air

not by our politicians, but by private banks- yeah!


Banksters, who take advantage of the system

Having money working for them and politicians with them

Applying the media to form our opinion,

Telling us to save money so that they can waste billions!


They’re brilliant! And nobody can restrain them

From mass manipulation, even the state can’t!

They control education through entertainment

And form foreign relations with their payments.


 Insane men determine the impacts that shape us

Throughout our lifes, we are constantly brainwashed!

They’ve blended us to a point where we chase paper

Not real values, just numbers on a statement!



Insaneness. And we expect no changes

We know something’s wrong, but accept the way it is!

Our unsustainability to you may seem brainless

To us sustainability is usually gainless!


Nameless shall not remain those who framed us

The Rothschilds and Rockefellers are already famous

The Warburgs and The Bundys are equally shameless

And all the billionaires on the Bilderberg Group’s names list









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