The Influence

Derailed thoughts. Skipping of a heartbeat. Where eyes meet. Beauty intuitively. You are the inevitable. Lost in a soul. Bring me back to reality. The walls close me in. I am falling due to your gravity pulling me down. World spinning around. Sick in a disaster. Love and other matters. Affairs repairs. dissolve the lines we never meant to cross. In your galaxy I am found. A place so sound. That disappears and is never around. False hope. stuck. tough luck. love struck. Fuck. What is up. what is down? spinning. crashing down. Paper on the tongue forgetting I am young. What have I become. perplexity and complexity to dilute the sadness. loveless lime light. you are an assassin who came for my energy in the night. You must have a sweet tooth for disaster. I no longer see happily ever after. What ever you are doing. Do it faster. No mercy for a pure heart. The touch cold and clutch. dropping to the floor. It feels like I shatter. Forget my name. Not worthy of a lush. a crush. No rush. Ill lead my sanity to safety. I have myself. Even if you bound my pages and put me on the shelf. My meaning has been torn out. I'm just a book cover with a bunch of ripped out pages. Seeking solace in trying to once again find the ground. devils. Disguised in a dress. I confess I'm a misguided mess. I took the false signs to heart. Hoping that I could find some comfort and simplicity. I was wrong. trust. is a lust. My veins are pumping rust to my heart and head. sanity is dead. The only sanctuary I have are the few extra covers I have laid upon this bed. indulgence in mindless acts of silence. Goals to drink myself away. where many masks to hide these eyes. Becoming something like and actress when I reach for black out then wake up with my shoes on the mattress.

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