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Biloxi, Mississippi

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I spend most of my time alone, perhaps that's why my writing is the way that it's become. I'm still young, more so than most people believe. I enjoy just taking time to be quiet, have a cigar and a drink as I read a book at the end of a long week. Many say I have an old soul, I think I just take time to listen and observe instead of speaking out. I'm loyal to a fault for those I deem worthy of it, but I'm not afraid to speak when something needs to be said. I've loved and lost many times, but remain a hopeful romantic. I've served my country in several capacities, but can look back with a humble contentment on my past. A soul is a complicated thing to put on paper; or a computer as the case may be.

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You gave me life in my mother's womb
You were my lifeline to this world
Long before my mother's milk
Before I could eat solid food
You fed me, you sustained me
As is your charge to do by your Creator
But then I grew old
You were separated from me
And now all I have left is a scar where you once were
to remember you by, and so you live on.


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