A love poem

Whenever I Find You Beside Me

Whenever I find you beside me,

I realize just what I've found.

Prevailings of hope, they awaken,

to speak in the silence and sound.


And I am so grateful to know you,

for once we seemed so far apart.

Each time that I find you beside me,

I give all the love from my heart.


Whenever I find you beside me,

I feel such blessings among.

The joys we're to share flow within us,

while bliss rings in tune like a song.


And comfort is found in the knowing,

that all is at ease while you're near.

Each time that I find you beside me,

love's glory delivers good cheer.


Whenever I find you beside me,

your elegance brightens the view.

A wonderful light shines upon us,

while faith comes to carry us through.


And ever so tender each moment,

no matter the place we're to stand.

Whenever I find you beside me,

I praise all the love that's at hand.

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Love's Alive Throughout Our Senses

Love's alive throughout our senses,

while our thoughts, they're well at ease.

We've arrived to splendid gracings,

and fresh fragrance on the breeze.

Now they're present, all the blessings.

We're aware by how we feel.

Life has found us both together,

here to share a love that's real.


Love's alive throughout our senses,

where clear colors shine among.

Bright the setting that's around us.

We're in tune to bliss and song.

Hope in sunlight has awakened,

as our faith flows free within.

Artful glories, how we've traced them.

In love's promise, where we've been.

Because of You

Because of you, upbeat the bliss, to ring within, and prompt a tune.

Because of you, a gentle kiss, this day's to bring, where flowers bloom.


Because of you, my thoughts are clear, for love to shine, 'tis what I see.

Because of you, new sights appear, while quite entwined, our hopes to be.


Because of you, my mind's at ease, for all is bright, each place we show.

Because of you, I so believe, through ways of light, our souls aglow.


Because of you, life's ripe designs, upon this path, with songs in key.

Because of you, such faith refined, as meant to last, our heartfelt glee.


Because of you, an artful view, I've come to trace, 'neath sunlit skies.

Because of you, true love anew, assuring grace, inside my eyes.

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by these beauties that I see,

for I have found the sweetness

of your tenderness with me.

And though quite lost in shadows,

for so long I'd been before,

you now have placed bright sunlight

down my path to be instore.



now such hope with you is here.

The glory of your presence

well aglow and in the clear.

Today's the perfect reason,

dear, to praise each rose in sight.

My prayers, they've now been answered.

You've placed love into the light.

We Have Become

We have become

like the love I have dreamed of.

We have become

blissful vibes felt within.

We have become

all the love I believe in.

We have now found 

a new path to begin.


We have become

gentle peace of the spirit.

We have become 

joy that's spoken out loud.

We have become 

all of faith ever present.

We have become

like a kiss in a cloud.


We have become

like a rainbow of promise,

to bask in these blessings

of heavenly grace.

We have become

like the sunrays upon us,

confirming love's warmth

in a timeless embrace.


We have become

joyful voices that sing now.

We have become

heart-felt reasons to dance.

We have become

gifts of light to bestow now.

We have become

that of epic romance.


So now may we share

all these comforts that found us.

And now may I sing you

these songs from my soul.

And now may we share

all this beauty around us.

A circle once broken

has now become full.

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All This Love In Motion

All this love in motion,

where the sunlight glows profound.

All's alive through each emotion.

We've arrived to higher ground.


There's a light that shines within us,

and it shines each place we go.

Oh, to think that once just dreams here

of your beauties came to show.


For your presence brings the reasons,

like the seasons move the soul.

Life's true blessings, I believe in.

Ways of love have gained control.


All this love in motion,

songs of promise now ahead.

It's of bliss-filled true devotion.

We won't come to be misread.


Of a natural sensation,

and of yours and mine to share.

Oh, to think that once just silence

rode the waves through my despair.


For your presence brings the reasons,

like the seasons move the soul.

Life's true blessings, I believe in.

Ways of love have gained control.

To Shine Now The Beauty

To shine now the beauty

in love's glowing promise,

among all the blessings

of comfort and grace.

So touched now our senses,

with sunrays upon us.

The warmth of the moment,

we're now to embrace.


Our eyes now to see

deeper into the meaning.

Our eyes now to see

into cleansings anew.

Clear now to me,

all these ways that I'm seeing.

Clear, dear, to me,

all my love meant for you.


To shine now the beauty,

and all we believe in.

We share now the glories

of peace in the light.

So moved by the music,

while song fills the season.

Complete inspiration,

you send into flight.


For all is to be

that of hope clearly present.

And all is to be

that of faith ever true.

All now to shine;

ours a scene brightly pleasant.

All, dear, to shine,

heartfelt love on the view.

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I Came To Find You Dreamy

Well, I came to find you dreamy,

with a warmth of healing touch,

taking comfort in the feelings

that swept over me so much.

For a gentle peace within me

now's to flow through all I've found.

How I came to find you dreamy,

dear, the day you came around.


I'm at ease through each emotion,

here beneath this glowing sky.

I'm to praise the bliss so fair here,

where love's colors shall apply.

'Cause our songs of hope and promise,

they're now playing in the light.

Scenic glories all the while,

rising spirits into flight.


Yes, I came to find you dreamy,

where reflections oh so clear

came to shine through festive visions,

as your grace, it did appear.

And this joy throughout my senses

now brings forth a waking vibe.

Dear, I came to find you dreamy,

when I found you by my side.

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New Day In Glowing

This new day in glowing has found us together,

with bright skies to treasure and clear light to shine.

Alive in our souls, love the fullest of measure.

Alive in our hearts, peaceful blessings divine.


This new day in glowing lands sunrays upon us,

delivering promise and hopes meant to share.

To see into faith, with God's glories among us.

To savor the cleanse while love's grace fills the air.


This new day in glowing, all scenic and pleasant,

where ripe be the essence of songs on the rise.

So artful the view, with you being now present.

So splendid our love 'neath the Summertime skies.

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