Why Are Animal Flesh (Meat) and Fish Flesh More Addictive Than Caffein?

Why Are Animal Flesh (Meat) and Fish Flesh More Addictive Than Caffein? 

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He worked hard to
improve his English diction
But was unaware of
meat's addiction..
didn't know that neat's
uric acid, or trioxypurine
is more addictive than
caffein, or dioxypurine.


  3 oxypurines are more additive than 2.  It is time for the government which spends trillions on arresting
people for pot, oxycontin and other drugs, to educate
the public about addictive dietary substances

Had the animal bird or fish not been killed, his kidneys would have excreted
the oxypurines.

Oxypurines cause gout, arthritis, unnatural heart stimulation leading to
heart disease, heart attack, stroke. Uric acid crystallizes around the joints
in crystalline needle formations which jab the nerves. They cause rigidity, inflexibility. Eventually oxypurines
are the cause of kidney dysfunction
leading to dialysis, as well as kidney
stones which can also be caused
by the calcium oxylates which are
the products of cooking greens or
the green skin of potatoes.

Oxypurines times morning traffic are an unpeaceful mix.

Carnivores have 5 times our kidney size per pound of body weight. They are more
adapted to shearing nitrogen off of protein and eliminating it as NH3, urea.

In the 16th Century, only kings and the very wealthy could eat enough meat
to contract gout, another form of uric acid poisoning.

The scriptures of several religions foretell that carnivores too can become
nonviolent. 1000 vegan MD's recommend vegan diet for dogs
while James A Peden and others have written that the discovery of artificial
taurine in 1930 makes it possible for cats as well to be vegan.

Owen Parrett, MD has written on this subject in his articles and books.

Drug companies, interested in selling medications with lethal side effects, do
not pass along this information, nor does the Arthritis Foundation.

Isaiah: The lion shall lie down with the lamb. They shall not hurt nor destroy
in all my holy mountain for the earth shall be full of the knowledge of the Lord.

If you miss meat, buy veggie burgers and whizz on them.

Poster confesses to a coffee addiction, although she has been reducing the intake
of oxypurines in coffee.


1. replacing caffein, meat, fish and dairy products with cleansing fruit juices.
2. Focusing on and speaking of the positive as well as pryaer
3. Chelation therapies which remove heavy metals from the body.
4. More uncooked food.
5. Vitamin C removes toxins from the body.


http://www.pcrm.org 5% of this 7000 member group are vegan MD's
http://www.indymedia.org.uk/en/2013/06/510447.html  Why I Don't Eat Meat by Owen Parrett, MD
http://www.vegsource.com/harris/cancer_vegdiet.htm Harris
http://www.goveganradio.com Dr Jerry Vlasak LA Surgeon and AR
http://www.vegsource.com/klaper vegan lectures on impotence and
animal fat
http://www.christianveg.com articles by Stephen Kaufman, MD
/>  Adventists longest lived community in US.. Ellen White said to be vegan
Mervyn Hardinge, MD (left Harvard as did Stanley Prusiner)
(Harvard is invested in slaughterhouses and its research
is pawn to its investments)
Hardinge wrote Non Flesh Dietaries, his study of fruitarians, vegans,
vegetarians and animal eaters for the Journal of the ADA (a dairy
dominated lobby)
Stanley Prusiner, PhD discoverer of prions or Mad Cow and
other spongiform encephalopathies
Joan Ullyot MD of San Francisco sports medicine
Linus Pauling, PhD Winner of 2 Nobel Prizes.. one in biochemistry
and one for peace... said fruitarian diet is the diet which
generated neural transmitters of human beings

http://lpi.oregonstate.edu (an animal abuse institution..
Dr Pauling would not animals harmed in research)
Milton Mills, MD sued dairy industry over lactose intolerance


-saiom shriver-


Picture is of a calcium oxylate and uric acid kidney stone.

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