178 Brief Poems

178 brief poems.... some edited or revised Jan 2015

-saiom shriver-

''The tide sent into the cleft of rock Neptune's polyfingered hand of welcome.''

It snows at sea. Quiet falls in flakes. Melting designs Leave form for God

''You are the nectar, the hummingbird, the clover. You are the bloom, the bee, the OerHoverer. You are the child, the bond and the mother. You are the Love, the Beloved, the Lover.''

''How do the words of the Peaceful Master become the tirades of warmonger pastors?''

''Reborn, Sappho wears monks' saffron.''

''61 died that day in the 1st Vietnam.. two rows of body bags.. the fruit of war...drying in the sun.''
''They did the little boy turkey named Art... choke and then served his dead body with artichokes.''
dead body with artichokes.''

''The South Wind has for the evening donned jasmine scent.''

''The olive tree is the altar of Allah. On it Allah has placed olives free for all.''

''Jesus' Fig Tree: He did belittle you.. but soon he'll bebig you.. and in the spring with blooms he will wig you..
in summer he'll summon a jade garb to resprig you.. and in the fall on patient twigs with fresh fruit he'll refig you.''

''They called the wind lackadaisical.. but because he in freedom blows the world will never lack for daisies.''

''My love for you a yearling became... many eons ago.''

''His dogs and cats cannot read.. save the script of his soul They cannot write..except on his heart''

''As a tide floats all boats..As great music lifts all lyrics do love's spirit pinions..give wings to all opinions.''

''Living shrimp in a bucket looked up at us with their penetrating sweet black eyes on stalks. They pleaded for
mercy though they could not talk.''

''Cloud maya makes the sun appear to wink at us. But his love is constant, not on and off.'

''From the shore.. one looks upward to the sanddune grass..10,000 green brushes attempting where they laid to paint the blue sky jade.''

''Oh, Lord, to you we give thanks that in time Polish horses defeat Nazi tanks.''

''Compass needles are magnetized to the north but compassion unencompassed in all directions pours.''

''Roses are pink. Violets are violet. Our love for you is forever inviolate''

''She is my beloved all who come her way the assister.''

''She was baptized in water by her brother's rare tears.. baptized in fire by her mother's unshed tears''

''The heart's love has surrounded the mind's critical knife sheathing it with silence.''

''Like a treebranch gently touching a nested robin's egg
he knocked on the door of her heart. To let him in would require shattering the defensive walls of her past''

''Allgiving sun passes light... through persimmon tree leaf filters.. filling her fruit
with lovepotion juice...paradisical philters''

''More than the stable shore does God hallow the waving sea's shellshod shallows.''

''The incoming egalitarian tide melts the last ice of apartheid''

''Oh Martin Sometimes your voice was the thunder..Sometimes it was the falling rain.
Always it burst our hearts asunder and made them vibrate.. empathic in pain.''

''To God they said 'Your amarylis and Your lilies with delight do fill us.'
And God replied 'I made them for My Beloved Phyllis'''

''In the sea, each sweet sponge, a zillion strong, singing his own lovesong''

''Four Flowers: The Sun arose in Morning Glory, with His Goldenrod wanding Violet to Rose''

''The bees' favorite couplet..a sunup brimming buttercuplet'' .

''Oh a cockroach is better luck than a cricket upon the hearth for he magnetizes to your home those who love every heart.''

''Bursting blooms of bluebonnet to the sun sing silent sonnets..
A beetlebored bamboo flute.. Yonder wind plays upon it''

''Hawaiian breadfruit... shed your Joseph's coat of many colors..
your 1000 panes of stained glass mosaic.. and become 10,000 breadfruit trees''

''The bee Hector needs no lector to read him the sector
where blooms of great nectar pour forth fragrance in vectors''

''He has changed. He has grown No longer bud but Love Fullblown....''

''The trees of life randomly grow but the graves of Arlington are set in rows.''

''When God's green grows it's rarely in rows .. Awry the rye rises.. unruly the rose.''

''A jade curtain of willow fronds parts world of green earth from that of blue pond
A grey curtain of morning mist separates turquoise waters from blue sky A more slender veil
is at the portal hiding the paradise of the immortal.''

''Love, not force, rides the horse.''

''As the longfingered sun reaches out to touch a cloistered trillium or a lake trembles
in the light of moon and stars so can a poet's long rainbow of words play our heartstrings from afar.''

''The chalice is ephemeral, Jesus' blood eternal.''

''God's lightning cleaved the heaven's asunder.. and out of them She spake in thunder. There is no such thing as a Jewish hunter!''

''The sun wears no dark glasses. He has nothing to hide and is not threatened by his own light.''

''The sun does not kill and tell.. but how can the tree hide her new peaches in the dell.''

''We came to a crossroad and what did we see? All directions pointing to his heart's infinity.''

''Noah was saved on the ark from the quandary of accepting sharks. They could swim in the seas and not harm those in the barque.''

''As morning wands with a sunglobing dewdrop each grass spire
so little acts of kindness are by God given Spirit fire.''

''The sun craves no limelight as he grows lovely limes in his light.''

''Oh womanizer or manizer most polygamous... only the sun can be righteously milligamous''

''Buddhists kill no creatures in Birmingham or in Budapest.. for to Buddha no creature
is ever a pest.''

''Not in chaotic shards do dandelion seeds burst from their ball. Each part as perfect
as the whole. Each each contains the all.'

'''No fishing allowed' said the fish outloud.''

''Can one snuff the stars or shoot the sun? Can one kill God? the universally indwelling Sun?
Tiny clouds and even moon sometimes veil the sun yet no 'sin' is mortal All reside in Lasting Light
All Live in Love Immortal.''

''In the realm of democratic elms none is asked to take the helm''

''From stony places the dandelion down is swept aloft by the wind's brooms to welcoming lands with much more room
where their looms can weave new blooms''

''Faster than any stylus squiggling.. can write the sun
in the water wiggling... but when the sea is perfectly appears it was water which held the quill''

''Knowing that froggie fear was engendered by horsie hooves, Pegasus grew wings and then he arose framed by a sky of orange pink and rose.''
''Buddha was a Hindu. Jesus was a Jew. Getting caged in labels blocks the God in me and you.''

''Out of the sea the sun aborning with his awesome light of morning..not adorned but all adorning says to you 'Come! My Mavoorning! '''

''We gave him a pitcher. He gave us the sea''

''Wavecarved caves in the seagirt rock.. have sculpted it into a seagulled rookery.''

''Receives all arrows the universal quiver as the sea receives all lonely rivers''

''Today in their palate of many hues the sky and sea have 900 shades of blue''

''Ships in bottles cannot sail, but messages unsealed from
bottles do. Their words are sometimes meant most for those who find the script.''

''Some say the sea is sibilant..others that she is engaged in om-ing... that she roars and crashes, , ,
or kisses the sand..or slaps the pier or murmurs beneath the moonlight... infinite are her melodies''

''Night outs the stars.. they fall in love with their own light, realizing they need no other.''

''Little Tree, Little Tree, I wonder where you are to thank you for the sweet pink fruit you did weave
from distant star.''

''Because the wind rustled blooming fruit trees they released their fresh fragrance into the breeze''

''Enpine the cone! Enoak acorn! Enpear the seed that inner
sun be freed!''

''Delilah's lilac'd fields Lilliputian the Lord of Love has many lilies put in''

''The cloud balloons were pierced by church steeples.. soon they'll be ready to
drop their grace on the people''

''How awesome How sublime That out of muck and mud and slime....God makes lemons and God makes limes.''

''Dawndrawn, dandelions summoned by the sun... spread gold parasols''

''April is aproned with apricot blooms.''

''Weeding, whispered the Great plant racism''

''The river tarries not over the stones of karma. To seaward joyfully running is her destiny's dharma''

''Squirrels spiral up the church spires and down again to the spirea''

''There are only newfallen laurel leaves in Richard Wilbur's laureate wreaths for he takes only what
Mother Earth gently bequeaths''

''Most can from the apple tree pick spies. Only God can pluck blazing stars from the skies'' .

''The clarified waters of Snowdrop Lake are made of melted hexagonal snowflakes.''

''Now the Red Sea of clover is harmlessly bee-cloven Back to Queen Lover will fly bee Beethoven''

''The ice does not in pain scream when in the sun he melts in the stream nor does he in pain scream when he higher climbs as spiraling steam.''

''Dawn's breaking quiet begets the bees' buzzing riot.''

''That God is Universal Love.. is it a license to be promiscuous, polyamorous, polygamous, polyandrous?''

''Message in sea bottles. Tidings in the tides. Time's rivers to the timeless sea glide. Every being will with God abide.''

''Pearls are sphered articles.. mucus covered sand particles 'untimely ripped' from coprophagous oysters
.. themselves torn from their gentle cloisters''

''The God indwelt Japanese beetle sanctifies the holy rose.''

''Steve Jobs: What are the jobs of appletrees? To breathe and to be.. while apples come automatically.''

'Those depressing stormclouds grey... wand the world to green''

''Does anyone yearn for sunset more than a Ramadan faster?
Does anyone yearn for dawn more than a night watchman?''

''As artists long for blank canvases, as sealovers crave the blue space of skysea, the Spirit longs to be uncluttered.''

''Dawn rhodescent, jeweled by moon crescent.
Both will melt away when the sun is present''

''Croquet balls near wickets, golf balls in thickets, are seldom respecters of the rights of crickets''

''It is the leela of the Lord to unscroll lilies and lilacs and violets in divine light.''

''At dawn the emperor sun breaks forth from the lair of mars but in the evening he disappears behind cloud curtains to the chamber of venus.''

''A match does not an iceberg ignite nor does a waterdrop survive in a forest fire. We are influenced by the company we keep.''

''When he heard the rates of the therapist, very pissed off
was Count Nikolai Pistoff. Thereafter he
spelled 'therapist'.... 'the rapist'''

''The chubby little hand of the small boy.. tenderly cups the head of the puppy....a magic little cup this hand.. which holds the liquid of love though upside down.. pouring
it from endless springs''

The sea mirror was framed by lobster traps..until she rose and smashed them''

''An opalescent clamshell holds the seaswell.. Reflected in tidal pools.. Jupiter's light dwells.''

''Over the shoulders of April's winter trees..Mother Earth has thrown a pink shawl as light as the
morning breeze.. but two moons later it was tossed for her favorite: a sari of jade
of many green shades''

''The rock temple to Poseidon will in some millennium show crumbling, but the wavy
sea will remain... as ever the ocean main.''

''Shortly before he was born, God gave a vision of a soaring eagle suddenly swooping down and voluntarily entering an open bamboo cage on a boat....a great soul was taking birth again.''

''As two negatives multiplied a positive make.. former foes who forgive cause miracles forth to break''

'''Only the shoemaker can make the shoes. Only the wear can tell if they fit.' These are the timeless words... of brilliant socialist David Spitz''

''Flowering grass spire, dew-wanded, a green exclamation point!''

''Without equal, each wave sequel. Land is for eagles. The sea is for seagulls''

''Death is the release of the bird of the heart from the ribcage of time.''

''The funeral's current of grief is lightning bolts which strike even strangers...causing them for
no explained reason to release tears of rain.''

''Jesus' Fig Tree: He did belittle you.. but soon he'll bebig you.. and in the spring with blooms he will wig you..
in summer he'll summon a jade garb to resprig you.. and in the fall on patient twigs with fresh fruit he'll refig you.''

''The olive tree is the altar of Allah. On it Allah has placed olives free for all.''

''God's lightning cleaved the heaven's asunder..
and out of them She spake in thunder. There is no such
thing as a Jewish hunter!''

''Buddhists kill no creatures in Birmingham or in Budapest..
for to Buddha no creature is ever a pest.''

''The chalice is ephemeral, Jesus' blood eternal.''

''61 died that day in the 1st Vietnam.. two rows of body bags.. the fruit of war...drying in the sun.''

''''The tide sent into the cleft of rock Neptune's polyfingered hand of welcome.''''

''Japanese beetles, unheralded seamstresses, sew eyelets in the rose and stitch lilacs to lilace.''

''Does God look upon a broken vow as on a river not clinging to bough?''

The sandalwood tree gives fragrance to the killing lumberman.
The pine in fire warms those who have slain her.
The cow gives calories, albeit toxic, to those who have murdered her.''

''Like myriad snowflakes entering a tropical sea are the attacks of temporary foes upon your royalty.''

''Embezzled heart, can you forgive the guzzling bee who has taken all your nectar? 'He knew not what he did', young little bee.'

''When the pond was smashed by his clenched became a cradle rocking for little fish. Anger is the ore for lovegold.''

''As the sun poured into her niches and naves and her coves and her caves Mother Earth cried 'You violate me! '
But weeks went by and she spied April's apricot apron and apple blooms and then she exclaimed 'You violet me! '''

''Because of her the world will sooner bring.. a world of no more suffering.. where none are swallowing a chicken's or a swallow's wing''

''A gentle cow reading Leviticus found that cloven hoofed animals are forbidden for food. She took an ax to each of her four.''

''Like caterpillars who eat themselves comatose and then sleep as God weaves their wings some are liberated after leaving their bodies.
Infinite are the ways God back to God all of us brings''

''Crosswinds quilt the Connecticut River ever so slightly but still the waters flow to the sea.''

''It's May and Mother Earth has gone under cover hiding herself beneath fields of daisy and clover''

''The fruit tree oer the brook drops her free food into waters dappled... the fish bob for apples''

''Like the beloved in a canoe paddled by her love is the willow tree trailing her lacy fingers in the lake..
wherever she breaks its blue mirror she paints the water sunset gold''

''God has put a 'do not disturb' sign over the green shelled limpets cozily nesting in lime waters limpid''

''Cavecarver tide.. a patient sculptor who abides''

''The rowboat's wake intersected the path of the morning sun upon the water... effort was squared to light''

''She picked up only vacant seashells at the shores of the Seychelles, for chambered nautili hollow were minnow castles in the shallows''

''Rain at sea... redundancy''

''Nightzies too are the daisies though we can't see their glow
as the sun is elsewhere shining hidden by the earth's slow axis flow''

''Can only the wind harmlessly surf the grass seas?''

''Because Howard Zinn is one with God, he is one with all zinnias growing untrod.''

''Mother Earth has knitted strong knots in the faithful blue forget me nots.''

''Swans, floating mounds of white, glide along on the blue lake.. though they look like icebergs they harm none... they do not melt into their supporting water but rise above it.''

''As he walked along, he saw a slain dandelion with grey locks and blew the down of the mower victim that there be fluffy flower flocks''

''As the sea.. receives red hot lava and transmutes it into green glass jewels, she with listening compassionate ear turns anger into love.. with every word she hears.''

''Holds the sun's cheer... every purple cherry.. and seed chariots of blooming new trees of cherry.''

''It is not the sweet nuthatch but the sun which hatches the nuts of nut trees everyone''

Does he say novenas for those with no venus''

''The dousing wand The lightning rod Conductor's baton Will's aligned spine They find the water, invoke the lightning attract the music and summon angels' aid.''

''Each night the Tree of Nut out of naught knits neat nuts.''

''As seawaves slapped his sloop he slipped down a sweet slope into sleep''

''He is like the sea: on the surface bubbling with wave effervescence
... in the depths he is one with divine Everpresence''

''The sun diamond stipples the ocean's wind ripples.''

''Queen Anne's Lace: A table on which the bees may sup For them by His grace God has raveled out of space a table which has merged with its cloth of lace''

''The full moon lifts seawaves in joy, but only the sun can lift water drops out of the sea.''

''Icicle rows dripping in the light.. lines of exclamation
points! ! ! ! ! translucent with sun joy''

''Two freedom loving tumbleweeds blown together... these windwed weeds ever after wended as one through the winding ways of life''

'The sound of the raptor wings of the kestrel is not to other birds music orchestral''

''Sunwands turn rain droplets into blackberry drupelets as enkindled okra seeds acknowledge heliocracy''

''God who freed from fruit the seed can pick a pear from a baby tree. God who sired the hallowed fig does harvest fruit from a barren sprig. God made blooms pastel and bright fruits and can a kumquat take from a tree of quince. He Who made Pluto and the Pleiades can pluck a plum where there is no tree.''

''As a pure bright mirror transmits the morning sun we need not understand God but only pass God on''

''Wherever he is.... is a 1 man quorum. Love is his light. Gold is his aurum.''

''The sun, creating day wherever he goes, cannot find the night. Love seeing only the Lovable finds no fault in His projected light.''

''Tony Randall was a master of his art... but he was more...a comic genius, a master of hearts.''

''The sea honors the confessional seal... giving absolution to reformed fishermen who no longer club seals''

''Birds have oerleapt the sea oarcleft. But she has not been harmed Bee has the petals of clover cloven but she has not been harmed''

''While Scrooge siphons off all the money the banks are minting God continues appling and spearminting, sapling and pepperminting''

''Waves of the sea...become waves of peace...Ebbtides recede leaving seaseeds..but the Sea.. the Sea never secedes''

''Said the wind to the rose, ' Barrie Bee is not a humbug, merely a humming bug.'''

''The sun has new spirea spun Next he crocheted chrysanthemums.''

''We came upon that silent sacred which holy deer make their sleeping space''

''Flags of fog flap not but float above the kingdom of Neptune. They dance only to the anthems of neeptide tunes.''

''The invisible vine of heaven... on it grow endless large brightberried stars''

''Captive camels carry their humans.. but not to an oasis Camelot They arrive at an auction..
a camel lot. After years of service to be sold or eaten... that is the camel's lot.''

''They chainsawed down a row of septuagenarian pines... We walked up the driveway as birds'nests, now empty, rolled toward us.''

''Neither love nor lust can be compelled.''

''To ridicule with a mention a sad man's greater dimensions.. retards ones own soul's quicker ascension.''

''A seabubble was struck by a seacrane ray and turned then into bubblespray. A seabubble by a fish was kissed and transmuted into bubblemist.''

''Evicted from their home cloisters...trillions of innocent oysters giving hepatitis and anaphylactic shock when deprived of their sea moisture''

''Great clouds sift...Silent and swift...their flaky gifts...into fluffy snowdrifts''

Japanese beetles, unheralded seamstresses, sew eyelets in the rose and stitch lilacs to lilace

As mums outlast lilies, silence outlasts speech.

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Mother Earth
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To the blooms say the bees
"How do you do?"
Then they buzz and they do
to take nectared dew
Next to blooms say the bees
 "We must bid you adieu."

-saiom shriver-

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