A Lack of Words has Been

Drunken Thoughts

A Lack of Words has Been



For those we love.

Not necessarily, a bugles call.

But we'd still lay down our life, 

for each of them, or all.

To share a breath, 

or hear their heart.

Of that special.....one,

We sometimes meet.


To not disclose this eternal love.

But rely upon a whence.

Perhaps, has been.....


My mistake?

Giajl © Jim Love 


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a_whisper_away's picture

Hi. Been reading your


Been reading your words.

Nice works.

I hope to read some more soon.

Sharon must be your wife.

Lovely poems for her.


Have you read any of mine.

I have published 10 books, if I remember right.


thank you for the reads.

SandraM.(Hill) Veinot


giajl's picture


Hi, thanks for stopping by. I most certainly seek out your works. 

No Sharon is not my wife. I'm currently separated from my wife, and am awaiting my divorce. 

Sharon is my new love. Whom I met at a sad point in my life.


Paratrooper's don't die........ they go to Hell and regroup!!!

a_whisper_away's picture

Oh did you meet her on the

Oh did you meet her on the internet.

some people do you know.