The story re-wakens...

Fairy tales

Once upon a time there was a princess who grew up and grew out of the story book and forgot she was a princess.  The castle was dark and forgotten.  The dragons slept, the lilies ceased to sway, the wind and the ocean and the trees became still and grey.  But then a small flicker of a candle lit up in the darkest corner of the castle, and the dragon opened his eyes and softly wagged his tail, hoping, faintly, that maybe the story was not done after all. Maybe the princess was coming back to play again.

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I like this a lot, Dolphin.

I like this a lot, Dolphin. Reminded me of a story of mine that is yet to be completed......

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Thank you!  If you check in

Thank you!  If you check in my "fairy tales" folder you'll see that it's part of a larget set of fairy tale vignettes that are meant to be loosely part of the same story or at least the same imaginary universe or a set of parallel fairy-tale universes... I never meant for any of them to be part of a coherent story; I like the way they stand alone and beside each other as vignettes.

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Yes, I too have a fairy tale

Yes, I too have a fairy tale story that goes that same way. I don't have it published up here but I was noticing some similar imagery in your story.

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