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I had to delete you three messages at a time from my history so that I could breathe in deep to a space where you don’t belong and find me without you again

Forget the way your hands felt entwined with mine that Saturday night

Stop hearing the way your voice sounds when its filled with laugher or how bright your cheeks get when i notice

Erase the feeling of your arms around me

Lips across my forehead

Your finger rolling along mine during Casablanca

I had to do whatever it took to remove the memories

Eternal sunshine shit and blah blah blah

Deleting messages three at a time

Taking me all bloody night

So I could pretend you never were

Because now you will never be

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    A sad poem about your



A sad poem about your lost love, but some endearing moments described. How to be able to delete someone from your mind is far more difficult than pressing the delet button; there are so many emotions involved and tender memories. Liked your poem a lot an enjoyable account.

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exactly! delete the texts, throw away the shampoo and the razers and things that belonged to them, but they don't leave your heart if they made it in there :)


glad you enjoyed the read, thanks for the comment

Much Love