O like obstacles in the distance

Sometimes I think I bring it upon myself

V like Valentines sent to lovers with no love

And love sent to valentines with no chance

E like an epic evolution of self

Coming and becoming till the end of time

R like relationship and my reaction to relation

How I run like a Kenyan stereotype on youtube

W like the welcome in your eyes, your spirit

As we sit side by side on an impromptu bus ride

H like being humbled by who I am beside you

Laughing about things we can’t change if we wanted too

E like being everything to everyone

The nothing I try to convince myself I am

L like love

Speaking for itself between our silence

M like monogamy a rumour the world says I want

A want I’m rumoured to avoid

E like existing in its simplest form

You and I and how we are or could always be

D like dead ends and dancing

The possibilities behind my options





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OVERWHELMED bhaha i need to do stuff like this

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isn't it funny how in grade school we hate having to do projects like this yet when we get older we go back to them with nesolgia and longing :)

Much Love


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Heh true that