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I'm into my first year of college! EEKS! I'm 19 years old and I'm kinda shy. I'm a great friend when I get to know someone!
I love getting comments on my posts, and I respond and will check out your work also!
I am adopted, and my babysister died of cancer at the age of 1, when I was 5. I miss her alot.
I love being with those I love, and I love to make others happy! I love hanging out with my friends, knitting, crocheting, writing, and riding horses. I also like hanging with girls/guys that I like.

About My Navel

um... I've never been asked about my belly button before.... um.. well I have an interesting belly button. Its an innie, and has a little bubble looking thing in the midde that is sorta cute... so, yea..
This is a poem I wrote about belly buttons,

Belly buttons.
Funny little things.
Left over from your connection
with your mother, while in the womb.

Belly buttons,
strange how they look.
They don't look like anything
that would help get you food
when you're in your mother's womb.

Belly buttons.
Strange little things.
It's wierd how some people have
one that is an innie,
and some have one
that is an outie.

Belly buttons,
how are they formed?
How do they go from being a piece
of cut skin,
to being a little sealed "hole"
in your belly?

Belly buttons.
Curious little things.
I want to know
what their purpose
is now.
It's not like we use them
in any special way.

Belly buttons,
what are they for?
I'm curious now,
about what they are for.

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I love the Mama Mia Songs, and the movie! I love horses, cats, and dogs! um... I think I like girls, but do feel giddy around boys also, so... I'm figuring it out! I also love talking to others. I have 3 cats at home, Pumpkin, Candy, and Lily. They are ragdolls.
I love Bambi! So cute!


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