Body to body

Body to body 

You steal their soul

Infuse the heart with adrenaline 

Pumping hot blood 

Then left cold 

On silk sheets that caress the skin 

A broken heart is all that's left 

What's broken can never mend 

Only to take and destroy the same

Body to body 

Souls are stolen 

Creating more broken bodies

That thirst for revenge 

Physicality rather then emotion 

We fall soulless to silk sheets 

And sly words 

Goosebumps caress the skin 

Of those with cold hearts

And numb minds 

A broken heart 

Steals to be whole again 

Always searching 

For the first sweet symphony we call


This generation has too many cold songs

And broken people 

Shattered souls 

And cold hearts 

Love is no longer emotion 

Love is physical 

Love has become evil 

Rather then reveled in 

Broken souls, shattered hearts

Passed body to body