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Why do people like to hurt there flesh and blood with words and pain that stains reject thoses with a name to shame as if they were there to blame for what they feel. A world that will beat you down torn with your cloth of sloth hardcore dug deep in the skin as each hit damages a man. The peace is gone to the fire from which it cast. We ask how long this will last like we are in a massive disaster as we climb up the ladder to rise up then fall and get fatter saying what does all this matter as we get madder. How can I look at when I can't look at myself being selfless and selfish. Oo I get it cause you can't help it well then I guess I sure stem to your existence as a label like your world which I won't. What is your humor to humiliate like "you...are....gay...." no common sense so dry which also you speak a lie from which comes out your mouth. Fake will be fake but you gain nothing just the emptiness that fill you nothing so you can quit dumping while you hungry for money and yourself and care about your own wealth cause there is people that also need help. Stop destroying cause you unhappy because eventually the same will happening to you and they will be laughing.

Razors In The Dark

Razors In The Dark



Razors in the dark calling for me


Come to the dark where peace will be


Though I know the pain will ensue


I must not leave a clue


From the razors in the dark



Razors in the dark, my only friends


Even though I know how it all ends


Blades upon the flesh over scar


That is how they are


Those razors in the dark



Razors in the dark, I try to stay away


On my emotions they know how to play


I must give into there call


All I have after all


Are razors in the dark

Soul, how it bleeds

I wish I wasn’t here, Too much fear

Too much pain, All for no gain

Soul, how it bleeds

Can’t get up off my knees


Tired of life, Giving me such strife

I can’t make sense of the world

Just want to roll up and curl

I’m just tired of it all, For freedom I call


Too much pressure, Too great to measure

Always so unsure, Unable to find a cure

Sum it up with emptiness

Everything is confused, such a mess


Sadness, it roars like a lion

Feel like time is all I’m buyin’

Each day a repeat of the same

Too much pain

Feeling of such shame

No one else to blame


Feeling so numb,

At work feeling so dumb

Am I the only one

Not able to get a fucking break

Feeling like nothing but a mistake

Believing every lie, Wonder if I’ll die

I once had a heart inside

Now, in its place, a hole that’s open wide

Hearts were made to be broken

The pain to brutal to be spoken


A tear, my best friend

With me until the end

Sadness is growing, A smile not showing

In constant mourning

From the sadness still storming


Lost my way, can’t turn back

Feeling as though I’m gonna’ crack

It’s all the same, Too much pain


Bowed down from the curse I serve

Am I getting what I deserve?

More than I can handle

Flame blown out of candle

Half alive, but mostly dead

Running from the demons in my head


It’s all so dark, dark, dark

Almost gone, my spark

Black Hand

Their cages surrounded me,

Taunting me,

Haunting me,

Slaughtering my emotion,

Which causes a commotion,

Their snake like eyes and their lies,

Control, compromise and confront my life,

Their blackness seeping into my veins,

My heart in chains,

With locks of pain,

With no key to unchain.


I'm Sorry

How can I seek for peace when I can't say "Sorry" to those I feuded with.
This whole time I been the hypocrite.
At least I'm man enough to admit it.
Most of the world try to conceal their conflictions.
Then continuing living with their contradictions.
I'm on a mission of repetition to ask for forgiveness.
Subtracting the division then doing some addition to expand unity in my community.
Seriously even Hilary forgiven Bill Clinton for what he did.
So maybe you and I can forgive to rebuild a tarnish friendship.
Closed the distance because this is ruining my penmanship.
Can't write when you on my mind then I remember the time I got out of line.
Now I apologize to you and your friends I was quite rude.
Can't forget to say sorry to my teacher too getting in a altercation with a classmate.
Mr. Staton I'm sorry I let my false pride get in the way.
Honestly this is not all I have to say but it'll be all day if I dig up a dead horse's grave.
Last thing I have to say is I'm sorry for the way I behaved.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Wrote this to ask forgiveness from people I'd wronged


It creeps up, like a silent killer

Finding the cracks in the foundation

Creeping, Slipping through

A smooth surface, clean, unused

It drags across ever so lightly

The euphoric high for just a little bit

To feel something, to know its still there

The aftermath, sad, disatorous

A smooth surface damaged

Scratched, cracked, defaced

The scars of neglected feelings

A constant reminder

It isn't you, don't do it

Face it, deal with it

Easier said than done

The feeling hiding

Euphoria lost, not found

Empty, unknown

A scratched surface


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just some stuf floating around in my head.....it is longer than my others, but nonetheless hope you all enjoy!

Body to body

Body to body 

You steal their soul

Infuse the heart with adrenaline 

Pumping hot blood 

Then left cold 

On silk sheets that caress the skin 

A broken heart is all that's left 

What's broken can never mend 

Only to take and destroy the same

Body to body 

Souls are stolen 

Creating more broken bodies

That thirst for revenge 

Physicality rather then emotion 

We fall soulless to silk sheets 

And sly words 

Goosebumps caress the skin 

Of those with cold hearts

And numb minds 

A broken heart 

Steals to be whole again 

Always searching 

For the first sweet symphony we call


This generation has too many cold songs

And broken people 

Shattered souls 

And cold hearts 

Love is no longer emotion 

Love is physical 

Love has become evil 

Rather then reveled in 

Broken souls, shattered hearts

Passed body to body 

What is Joy?

Through the cracks

What is Joy,

but a side-effect of sorrow?

One cannot hope to feel

happiness without having

felt sadness.


Yet it works

both ways, you cannot know depression, if you did 

not once have a meaning 

to your life.

So what is sorrow,

if not a spawn of joy?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

just stuff, I put together, nothing special :P