Raindrops in the spring season, 
Drizzling from high above 
Teardrops during a party whirl, 
Hiding a broken vow. 

Four decades have passed me by, 
With memories of spring,  
The raindrops fall from the sky, 
But my eyes. ah, they can't cry! 

School days and all those friends, 
Have gone, have settled in life, 
While I am one of those souls: 
A stab of time's knife. 

Dark clouds and cold winds, 
Trigger a bygone scene, 
The girl who stole my heart, 
She Is not just a dream. 

What lovely times were those years, 
The joyous laughter with friends, 
Playing cricket, hockey and checkers, 
And my beloved girl in green. 

If Heathcliff* loved Katherine, 
And Troilus loved Cressida, 
Daphne is the girl I love 
Daphne: my fairest queen. 

Our love is still evergreen, 
Though she is now with God, 
So when the rain mingles with tears, 
Torn are my heart and spleen. 

The atmosphere gets darker now, 
Thunder and lightning dance, 
Thinking of her and missing her, 
I drench in the rain of love, 

"It will rain more" it is forecast, 
And snow will cover the hills, 
And I too know it will 'rain' more, 
I can't control my heart. 

Daphne, my beloved girl 
Was a rare one of her kind 
So beautiful inside and out 
The spring of my wintery mind. 

The years and the time have changed, 
And lust has replaced love, 
Barbs of sadness struck me deep, 
As it rained and rained....and rained.  

Author's Notes/Comments: 

*HEATHCLIFF: The passionate lover of Katherine in Emily Bronte's novel "Wuthering Heights". THis poem came to me as I saw the rainfall in the plains and snow on the hills. And at times like this how can I not miss my ever beautiful and adorably divine Daphne John. 

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