Para Kay Pretty Little Girl (in Filipino & Tagalog language)








Para Kay Pretty Little Girl

(para kay G.)





Unti-unti na ba talagang natutuyo—ang mga dahon ng rosas niya?


Kulang pa ba talaga ng pag-ibig na
inihahandog ng
sinag ng liwanag?


Sino ba yung nagsasamantala
—yun ba'ng sumalanta ng bukid?


Tila hibla lang ng
Sino nga ba talaga ang may tangkang ang mga sinulid ay umikid?








Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dedicated to G.

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Just Ask, Do Not Assume

January 2019
beginning to lose her patience; 
short-tempered quite frequently no one knows, for she goes unnoticed
not one has seen the flame once so small for now its a blazing and raging fire within. she remains silent. only to concentrate solely on her journey at hand.  with daily strength and success for almost a year now. for she is true to herself on the inside and out; that's all that matters to her is that she stays true to herself. what people may think of her, or assume about her, or are skeptical about her, or why they may doubt her, or why they question to themselves about her - she has not a care for; false thoughts and untrue accusations honestly are none of her concern for if she did care, she'd be allowing the enemy to take over her thoughts in her mind she's only concerned about herself and her journey. she tries not to care; but deep down when she's alone she cries herself to sleep each night. the outside no longer cares; inside her heart begins to harden  once again, starts to shut out the world completely;
eventually, there will no longer be hurt, always being interrupted in her speaking,her thought or idea is wrong they say. being cut short in every encounter;rage is beginning to burn brightly, the harden heart; will reveal the truth about her pain those have caused her. her soul will be set free. 
avoid her, cut her short, no longer caring to speak to her; or to hear from her anymore.  a question, a thought, or an idea, even those encounters are practically nonexistent in her world;  
as brief as a lightning strike her soul begins to show from behind those eyes opened wide, she can see the light fading quickly;for in beginning it to burn brightly now in her eyes, she can see that it's going out. for when she started this journey she began to be happy again, that for many years happiness was absent in her life. until she found a new way, a journey that was beginning to give her meaning, 
a purpose, she had meaning in her life. although she continues to be successful, for she has not had a stumble, a slip, or a fall since day one and even today there is still none.
there are NO intentions or a desire to slip, to stumble, or to fall but to keep moving forward as she has been since the beginning of her journey. a step at a time, a prayer at a time, still learning, 
still growing in faith, still has love, the light that once began to glow is now being snuffed out by: the unasked question that they can't answer, the look from others doubting eye, a grapevine statement, an accusation, 
an assumption that others think to be true. the wildfire that started to burn brightly within her is now just a glow being snuffed out by those around her!
why? the fire of happiness is unknowingly causing her to begin to harden her heart all over again after so many stepping stones that have been reached along her journeyed path. 
Does she begin to feel what's the point? if they put out the flame, will she still have a meaning, a purpose the situation is being threatened. not one of them is willing to ask her the question that they have on the tip of their tongues. they would rather doubt, question themselves, assume things, which must be true...think again...ask the situation. her journey is a successful one; she still tries to help others: the good, the bad, and the ugly it's an act of kindness, she talks to everyone still from all walks of life. 
for she does not judge others even as they judge her, she lends an ear where it's needed, she just wants someone to listen, or to lend her ear to listen to someone, or to lend a helping hand in their time of need, that's not what others see, they see you with someone, somewhere, they don't see eye to eye with so, they assume and accuse she must be a failure... saw her or what they thought was a bad situation when all she's been doing is lending an ear or a helping hand to someone in their time of need. someone somewhere could always use a hand when someone is down on their luck in all walks of life whether they are one of the good, the bad, or the ugly. she sees good in every heart. 
Author's Notes/Comments: 

Never assume the worst when it is nothing but hear say, it can really hurt someone within, it can break their heart words do hurt but so does false accusations, and rumors. Put yourself in their shoes 

Goodbye Charles Strange

Let me tell you about a neighbor of mine.

He had been my neighbor since 1979.

He had a loving wife and two children

He has died but we will see him again.

His death is hard for his friends and family to face.

He's in Heaven now which is a far better place.

It's tragic because his life came to an end

He was a great neighbor and a friend.

When I learned that he died, it was very sad.

But now he's in Heaven with my mom and dad.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dedicated to Charles Strange who died of cancer at the age of 62 on January 9, 2018.

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A poem to micheal

Micheal an amazing inspired artist with the voice of angel.                                                          I only wished i had only half the skills you had to write.                                                               Your choice s were a might like a jolly person riding a bike                                                  . An an owl hunting prey taking flight into the midnight    your                                                    songs would fly so high as a kite. Like a dog taking a bite                                                   you as you reach gods heavenly light.your spirit and soul will forever stay bright in this life. .                                                                                                                                                                     Ode to micheal the lead singer of the group members of Inxs .                                                   One of my favorite music groups. That means the whole world to me .

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My most sincere prayer

My Most Sincere Prayer



Dear Lord, thank you for all you have given me. Forgive me my sins, please guide my heart, words and actions that I might be a better man tomorrow. Lord I swear on my soul. If I am given another chance,  I will give her all of me. I will give her honesty and trust.  I will keep my word to her in all things. I will strive to make us both more than we are. I will study and follow your way Lord, lead our house to you , and both of us ultimately into your Kingdom. I swear Lord that should you bless us with a child, it will be raised in your light, knowing of your word and your love. I will hold her above all things in this world, and apriciate her as the most precious gift that she has always been,  but I at times failed to see. I will make her my queen, I will bow before her,  humble in the presence of her grace. I will let her lead me when I am lost. And lead her should she ever be so. I will let her support me and hold me up when I am weary.  And I will never let her fall when she is the same. I will turn away from selfishness in all things, and put her needs and her desires above my own every time I am given the honor of having the opportunity. I promise to serve her, in any way I can every time I can,  and I will be vigilant, ever watching for ways to do so, that she not always need ask, and in so doing serve you. I will never mistreat, disrespect or neglect her. I will speak to her with patience , love and reverence, even should I become angry with her. I will never become lazy or complacent, but instead work tirelessly, that she may rest, or better, we rest togather when our work is done . I will love her Lord, I will love her so that my actions, words, deeds, and my determination to do so make stronger the very meaning of the word. I will conduct myself with composure and calm, never saying anything hurtful, or harsh. I will remember that she is not perfect and I will never expect her to be. Not one day Lord will I ever forget that I am but a poor wretch in her presence, a flawed and undeserving man standing in the light of an angel that you have sent to me. And I promise Lord that on my knees, I would declare every word of this before any who would hear me. Never hiding it from any for the sake of my own pride. I ask for your mercy Lord,  mercy and guidance for a poor sinner and a fool. In the name of Jesus I pray, 


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just an actual prayer I wrote down,  I changed the wording to make it flow a little better and strike more romantically,  but it is in its meaning as I prayed it. It's about a woman who has taken me.  This ladles and gentlemen is the real deal.  My entire being has shifted.  I see no one else. After almost 6 years she still sets me on fire.  I still feel that little explosion in my chest every  time I hear her name or see it written. 

My Life Would Be So Much Better

My life would be so much better if you hadn't become sick and died.

You were a wonderful person because love was what you supplied.

My life would be so much better if you had gotten well.

But you died in the hospital and life became pure hell.

My life would be so much better if you were still around.

I wish I could still hear your voice because it was such a beautiful sound.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dedicated to Agnes Johnson (1948-2013) who passed away on March 6, 2013.

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Goodbye, James Best

Your last name said it all, you were the best.

Because of you, the entire world was blessed.

You have left this world at the age of eighty-eight.

Your life is something that we should all celebrate.


For six years you dazzled us as Rosco P. Coltrane.

You died but your reruns will continue to entertain.

You starred in a few episodes of Bonanza and twice on the Andy Griffith Show.
You entertained us for several decades and all of your fans hated to see you go.


Talent should've been your middle name.

It's not surprising that you found fame.

You starred in a Twilight Zone episode and in Firecreek.

You will never be forgotten because you were unique. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dedicated to James Best who died at the age of 88 on April 6, 2015.

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The Knight

"A soul, which is full of belief,
Always generous, clever,
Feels compassion and grief-
Blessed forever..."


Dedicated to the defenders of Rhodes.


The good natured dawn gives a new, ordinary day
For the one whose brave soul has no any fear,
And though this cutting wind tries to rip his worn but reliable cloak
From his tired and wounded shoulder,
Yet he drives all his vague heavy doubts away,
While he has this sharp sword in his hand and the spear
He will never step back from this border.
So he stands here like a solid unbreakable rock
For in order not to let any foe come further.
And the dry, dusty ground is covered with a smock,
That brings bitterness into the eyes and the smell of burning tar,
Yet he sees the sunrise and there somewhere far
A jamb of magnificent cranes flying in the blue sky
For a moment, it brings him a feeling of his native place
Where once he vowed to carry mercy and grace,
Everywhere, be always fair and honest, to despise any lie,
Even always be ready at any moment to die,
Stand a danger face to face…


Many others like him there are standing side by side
Clad in armour and holding their shields in their arms,
Every one of them has a hot hammering heart,
That filled with spirit of holy belief and the pride.
They’ve come here not from the fields or the farms,
All of them are the masters of military art.


Call of duty has brought them together this time
To defend their Order of Hospitallers,
That is based on the island Rhodes at the edge of two seas
With their brave and strong leader the Grand Master Phillip de Villiers,
Who is more like a father for them, he is their prime,
Who never has his sensitive vigilance at ease.


The hard Turkish shelling destroyed the bell tower of St. Paul’s Church,
But it has not shaken the faith of the citizens in the defence,
And the English tower is brutally blasted; it looks like a ruthless and demonic torch,
Yet the defenders are trying to stop the invaders, this cruelty, and this violence.


Janissaries occupied the shore,
Right outside the inner walls of the destroyed English Tower,
And the knights are all ready to meet them and give them a worthy repulse.
There’re broken stones and the dust, every inch of the ground is sore
From the rise of the rage, that has a brutal and boundless power,
So that everyone can feel its frantic pulse.


For the years in the past
On this fruitful and beautiful island
Many people's thoughts and experience,
Like a fresh, lively wind covered everything fast,
Brought for many weak, sleepy souls the enlightenment and clearance,
So it finally became for them their new home and their land
In where an earthly man found the long awaited goodness at last,
Witnessed genuine grace and true compassion appearance,
Even some say that also the touch of the god's holy hand
Helped the people to build the place from the dust.


And now is the time,
When the fate presents the strength test of all residents,
And it shakes the entire island from the top and beneath.
The exhausted bells filled with anxious chime;
Again and again confirming the horror presence,
The Grand Master pulls out his sharp sword from its sheath.


Here he gives a clear sign
To be ready to go on the offensive,
The Knights of Saint John are in full ready state
There’s no time to lose, now the time is expensive,
And they bravely go forward to meet their fate;
None of them intents to resign,
Every one of them stands at this gate.


There is one of them with wounded shoulder,
Who with others, pulls out his strong sword from its sheath,
When the sharp stabbing pain shoots through the knight's bleeding hand;
Though the pain is still the pain even when you are wiser and older,
Yet he goes with the others, he clenches his teeth,
For in order to take this decisive last stand.


And the deafening clang
Of the swords crashes into the air,
The gap in the ranks quickly narrows.
Now the soldiers in the front line get a powerful thunderous bang,
And the crossbows release their deadly sharp arrows,
Taking lives of the good men and the men of the attacking gang,
Indiscriminately, rough, and unfair.


Janissary swings his sword,
And brings it down onto the knight
But he dodges the blow at the very last moment,
Then the knight gives his enemy a full worthy fight,
And defeats the opponent
Without any effort.


Another truculent foe,
Takes the chance and attacks him,
Shouting furiously, swallowing the dust,
Janissary's leaden face is brutal and grim,
Now the knight misses a sharp, deadly thrust
Of the enemy’s spear, and the powerful blow
Brings him down so ruthlessly and very fast,
So that he falls unconscious without any vim.
But his struggling mind still goes with the flow,
Clenching his bloody fists as the last.


For a moment he feels
Like the strength leaves him quickly,
And the hectic environment dissolves into the air,
Now the voices he hears waft vaguely and weakly,
Then, without any reason disappear somewhere,
And the pain from the wounds now is no longer there…


He opens his eyes,
And sees a beautiful glare;
It is all around him, and the glorious sound
Is flowing right out of the gorgeous, outgoing light
That is vast, so incredible, for there is no a certain bound
Of this place, that is friendly and heavenly bright,
It is open and clear, without a disguise,
And he looks with the wonder around
With the genuine delight and surprise.


“Where am I?
And what is this place?
It is beautiful and full of grace!”
And though he did not say it aloud,
Yet his thoughts had created the sound-
Like an echo in empty space.


Then he sees,
How out of the light
Glowing figures of people appear.
With the genuine ease
They approach to the knight.
Now their faces are visually clear.
There he falls on his knees,
He is so dazed and surprised.
For there are all his friends,
And the people he knows;
From the world's far ends,
Among them even those,
Who have died a long ago.
And everyone emanates
An unearthly, fine glow.
This environment creates
Sound's beautiful flow.


“Rise from your knees,
My dear, faithful friend”
The tender voice says gently from above;
“This place is a temple of holy grace and peace,
Your earthly trials came to their end,
Now you deserve forgiveness and love!”


“Please, go and join them,
They are all your friends,
You've saved your island, kept your strong belief,
Your earthly life will live on as a poem,
But holy life in here never ends,
And you’ll no longer know a loss and grief!”


The knight stands up,
And suddenly his soul fills up
With immense happiness and joy,
Its pure undefiled alloy...


       *           *           *


He joined his friends as story says,
And there were other knights,
Who perished there on those days,
And went to their holy lights.


Through all these years,
And centuries that gone,
Unfading memory of those uneasy roads,
That faithful knights and Philip de Villiers
There passed with honour, will live on,
About who bravely fell defending island Rhodes...




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Heather III

You were born in December of 1975.

It's a shame that you didn't survive.

You were a great actress, one of the very best.

It's not surprising that you became a success.


Your life was cut short but at least you were able to be famous.
We all loved and adored you so very much, can you blame us?

When people attended your funeral, they mourned and cried.

If somebody has said that you had no talent, that person lied.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dedicated to Heather O'Rourke (1975-1988) who died on February 1, 1988.

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