Unread Letter

Did you read the letter,

That I sent you that day?

I know you did not,

Have you nothing to say?


Your silence and the fuming breaths,

Are saying it all,

I wish you did read that!

Certainly broken would be the wall!

You would fairly realise,


I was not someone in disguise!

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Letter to the future


To all the future generations, I earnestly apologize

On behalf of all the people who currently colonize

Our planet, for we do not want to compromise

We’d rather die than renounce our consistent rise!


At what price? Don’t worry, the earth will still be round

Only we will have burned every fossil in the ground

Eradicated a few species, but I’m declaring under oath

We’re not willing to give up on our exponential growth!


Exponential growth is our one and only wisdom!

We have even applied it to our monetary system!

And since then, things have been doubling in size

Every once in a while, just like the oil price.


Like the economic output and the world’s population,

The Polluting emissions or the eco devastation

We have concentrated the power of our nation

On keeping up with the pressure of inflation.


Every now and then we face depression or a crash

The extent of the next one is a question of math.

You might call that an irrational bet

We just call it our national debt


The immense expenses paying off the interest rates

Are amongst the highest in the so called „independent states“

Money is loaned into existence, created out of thin air

not by our politicians, but by private banks- yeah!


Banksters, who take advantage of the system

Having money working for them and politicians with them

Applying the media to form our opinion,

Telling us to save money so that they can waste billions!


They’re brilliant! And nobody can restrain them

From mass manipulation, even the state can’t!

They control education through entertainment

And form foreign relations with their payments.


 Insane men determine the impacts that shape us

Throughout our lifes, we are constantly brainwashed!

They’ve blended us to a point where we chase paper

Not real values, just numbers on a statement!



Insaneness. And we expect no changes

We know something’s wrong, but accept the way it is!

Our unsustainability to you may seem brainless

To us sustainability is usually gainless!


Nameless shall not remain those who framed us

The Rothschilds and Rockefellers are already famous

The Warburgs and The Bundys are equally shameless

And all the billionaires on the Bilderberg Group’s names list









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Dear Poets


Dear poets


And to the poets:


Whose task lies heavily within: the darkness that becomes of light.


Whose vice is of the power of the verse.




Cheers to thee, to thy honor too.


For the world is all in one your home and kingdom.


And thy kingdom come not at one’s noble prompt request.




Weather one can admit life’s touch or not;


This world, where in it shadows dance:


Is only ruled by the beholder!




And so dear kings and queens of many lands.


Quite petty it truly is, to write solely about one’s self.


Where upon so high and mighty: Nothing Grows.




No, not common fear.


No, not brightening joy.


Heavens no, not love.




But others; common folk…


And artist too (by trade),


Call life an art, and assuming that this art is not too a twist of phrase:




The art of living lives inside us all.




And so It is, the flame…that sparks within,


That is the key, to our otherwise lonely yet whimsical plight.


Despair no more, and save those words in wonder because:




Non near closer to the truth,


Non know night to-knight the trance,


Non but poets will, can tame the tune.




And so we lock ourselves within that keep.


Where light is only lit where it is wanted,


Is then envisioned,




Shadowless, no less a thing at least.


Emotionless, no more a fool or pleasant tool.


Penniless, but no more closer in the art.




Where life would not be given breath,


Instead we give it voice.


We give life to all good thoughts and ends.



We knight it true enough at least,


And with our scripture lead it fine and free,


To live and fight beyond that hour, but ultimately:




“To be”, and with that known; be free.


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A Suicide Letter: I'm Sorry, I Love You

I want you to know that I never meant to hurt you. I know it may seem that way now, but none of this is about you and none of this is your fault. It’s my fault. I can’t face what I feel—what I am. It’s not that I don’t love you, because believe me I do. I’m just not brave like you. You were always better than me. Everyone was always better than me. Maybe, I didn’t love you enough. Enough to come clean to my parents about us. But I’m begging you to understand that I wanted to, God, I wanted to but I just couldn’t. I tried and I tried because I wanted to be better for you and I wanted to be what you needed me too but I just kept imagining their faces. Every night when I try to fall asleep, I see what their faces would look like if I told them. Their eyes, full of hatred, haunt me and their words and their accusations slice through me. Failure, good-for-nothing, fag.


You’d probably tell me that I should stop worrying about things that haven’t happened yet and that their words aren’t real. But you always see the best in people. It’s one of the reasons I love you. But you can never understand that though their words might not be real to you, they are as real to me as the bullet in my hand. But nothing could hurt as much as those words, not even death. Tell my mom that I’m sorry and tell my dad that I wish I could have been the son he always wanted, the son he deserved.


I guess now everyone will know about us. But no matter what they say to you, just know that you are not to blame.


I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry.

I love you.




Author's Notes/Comments: 

School assignment.

Lady of the Nile


I am daydreaming again

Something is visiting my mind

It's a familiar sweet scent

Of someone I pray to be fine


Pictures on the table

She had them all labeled

Glaring evidence 

Of my innocence


Everlasting love she gives

My every faults she forgives

Her smile is priceless

Her love is endless


She is the woman of my life

If she is around, there is light

If she's not around, stars don't shine

She is the Lady of the Nile


As mighty as the Sun

As calm as this river

She will live forever

She knows what must be done


I keep her in my heart and mind

I wonder how she is each night

If she is fine and alright

If she is unwell or tired


And whenever she calls,

Tears sometimes start to fall

Her voice is a symphony

To the lonely world of grief


I walk this road for her

I read this book for her

Someday, I'll walk the world with her

That day, she will never suffer

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Dear Jan


My one dearest Jan,

Where are you now?

I see you've been gone

From our hometown


It's been three years since I last saw you

I regret that I ever knew you

It was nothing but disgrace

You made me fall far from grace


I was 15 

and knew nothing

You were old enough

To fool my young heart


I loved you too much

And soon when we touched

I never knew when to stop

Then you put me down to drop


That deep feeling was too high

It seemed too new to me

Those sad times were full of lies

But doubts never crossed me


They said I was  lucky to have you

I guess they just don't know the true you

Your sick self that frightened me is far from

Your sweet face you displayed in our last prom


You acted so good

You fooled her too

She fell to your traps

Like me with your match


But you never loved her

Bet her clear vision blurred

'Cause she loved you too

The way I used to


Dear Jan, I'm turning 18 now

But Jan, I still remember how

You lost my trust and love

Replaced by tears and grudge


I played fair through your rules

I played games though so cruel

Then you laughed at the end of it all

Then I cried, "I should have known"


I was 15 and thoughtless

I danced through your flames and traps

You were 18 and ruthless

You planned that sad, heartless match


Dear Jan, I cried back then so hard

'Cause Jan, I gave you all my heart

You made me lose all of my faith

Yet I stood up after those fails


Jan, I'm smiling again now

Jan, I can love again now

Though they failed too

They weren't like you


Even if you answer things I ask

They can never bring back the past

You made myself hide for some time

You made my heart cry the whole time


Lessons from you should be learned

Pictures of you should be burned

Three years ago, I was naïve with you

Recalling you, I now know what to do

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