Free Verse



(time and relative dimension in space)

By jfarrell


(inspired by dr who)


This is why I love free verse…

My life story, history, autobio…..

Goes on for  a billion pages…



In a poem

1 page, 4 stanzas

No rhyming couplets

But a rhythm that rocks your bones….

Kisses your soul

And dances the twist with your heart….




Not only can I describe what it felt like,

Back then,

I can whisk you away in my time machine

And you can feel it, experience it for yourself



If you’re familair with dr who…

You know to keep running away

Coz the daleks, cybermen and all horrible monsters

Running after you….

You look like their next dinner


I am the TARDIS.

A wordsmith.

But, still

A happily committed drunk!


Author's Notes/Comments: 

sorry, i used to absolutely love dr who

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three little letters

i'm quite a simple girl

i only need one thing

with three little letters


y o u

with a smile so much brighter

than all the stars in the sky

you light up my life in the darkest times

all i need is you


y o u

with your godly hands

strong but soft; could destroy a city

or caress my face with the lightest touch

so gentle, yet so powerful


y o u

every single perfect imperfection

more breathtaking than a summer sunrsie

i adore your complexity

i adore you

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Money reveals the true thee

Money reveals the true thee.
It might not be everything to thee,
But it reveals everything about thee.
God maketh the world go around,
Money maketh the people to wander.

God is the ruler of money;
Money of man.

Money is the root of all evil;
it is through this craving that some have wandered away from the faith.
People need to trust God to be protected,
Money need man to be kept safe;

Thus man need God,
And money need man.

But this days they're doing it the other way around.
Oh! It is said, 'what goes cometh back.'
They're saying, 'God served man through Jesus,
However, man must serve money.'
Don't you know that Jesus died for thee so that you might have life?
His the source of everything.

God maketh people to serve Him;
People maketh money to serve it.

God creates,
Man make;
They re-create what God created.
God can destroy both man and money,
Man can destroy money,
but not God.
Therefore, man depend on God, not money.

People work for Money,
Women marry Benjamin,
Men steal Moola.

Many die for Mammon
Even pray for Treasure.
While all they should do is seek the Creator,
And money will follow them.

Thou cannot serve to masters.
It's either you serve God or Mammon.

I say serve God and money will follow thee.
Thine have them both.
Money for lifetime;
God for eternal life.

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Love is agape

God is good
And all the time His love endures
I thank Him for His lovingkindness,
For His grace
And unfailing love.
The serpent gave me the fruit of lust,
And God gave me the fruit of love;
Which has an everlasting taste on my
Oh! It was the fruit from the tree of
His love is limitless, way beyond
Indeed love is a biological urge,
A Spiritual quality.
For He first loved me,
Thats why I love Him.
His death spoke on His behalf that I
couldn't hear His words.
He loved, not only in words, but in
deed and in truth.
In all my wrongdoings,
He loved me without keeping record
of wrongs.
Whenever I felt like giving up,
He encouraged me to keep on
He's always patient,
Slow to anger
And deep in compassion.
His love is agape;
It will never end.

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You are my flesh and my bone

If I were to say you are a fallen angel
I'd be insulting you.
Complimenting you to be beautiful,
But evil in your ways.
Comparing you to a fruit tree,
That has a breath of a rotten fruit.
Taking you as a drug that gives me strength,
Only to lose it and die because of its effect.
Like Eve in the garden of Eden,
Instead of being a helper, she became a burden.
If I describe you,
I'd be giving myself glory.
Rather unite with me,
So that we can share the glory.
Angels serve us, so how can I make you my maid?
Man are higher than angels,
So are woman because they're from man.
If you came from my ribs,
Shouldn't I try to keep you and re-unite my body structure?
I have sown you,
And now I have to reap the all of you.
You are my flash and my bone,
Ngizodla konke namathambo;
just to get my strength back.
I am the glory of God,
And you are my glory;
Thus, the pleasure to the sense of my mind.
You are beautiful beyond words,
For you were not created by words like plants and seas,
But by my body; without you I'm incomplete.
You are an artist,
And art is your offspring.

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Cold Darkness

First Poems
Cold darkness…

So deep and sharp,

So silent and still.


Water dropping,

So… slow…

Such maddening sound

From elusive ceilings.




Pierced by a glow

As a hero’s victorious sword,

Light swallowed the black abyss.

Mist flies above,

As Universal particles,

Concentrated in a point of


In the middle of fight

Where suns and moons

Revolve around…

Damp moss surrounds my sole,

As I pace,

Gracefully in vibrating lull.

And glanced have I,

In the abysmal water,

And seen a miracle around me:

It’s her,

Her majesty,


In her richness of tones and shades,

Dancing in the mirror of truth,

The reflection of soul and thoughts.

Then standing behind such glory,

I couldn’t see but her,

Her dazzle of life,

And MAN to worthless has succumbed,

An error,

Not fitting in this splendor.
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moments went

sun sauntering, sun filtering

streaming through most moist silver branches

and I hear in the distance calling,

a tune most sad, to be remembered

most assuredly.

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The castle of my dreams

The castle of my dreams has the purple windows.
Through this windows you can not see the widows,
only you can see are strange shadows
walking through the mirrors.


The thunder and an angel announce
a galactic storm with extremely changes
for all creatures in our false world.


The mining camp is empty, someone have taken all gold.
These are the same people who have stolen
our freedom, our mind.


I know one thing about this life
that the simple wishes never comes.
Only salvation is that you must escape from your mind
because the mind create wishes.


The castle of my dreams is defending us
from our screams, our fears.
The castle of my dreams is made
by our diamond tears.

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Silver & Gold

Not quite gold

But somehow always compared to it

I've heard of its value,

Its mention through the years

Mostly exsting in wedding bands

Or in cutlery for the wealthy.

I do not know its worth

I do not know gold's either

And there the comparisons continue

I wonder if the element minds

Remaining in second place,

Always being looked down by gold,

Its perfect big brother,

If you will.

Silver makes good heart-shaped lockets,

I'm sure it also serves

To uncover a deadly monster

Featured in Supernatural.

I'm sure silver does not like being silver.

I wouldn't want to be silver.

I think gold is what silver wants to be.

It does not want to end up a knife,



Silver wants to be wanted

So much that others fight for it.

Silver wants to be looked at

For its bright color,

Not the dull grayish one

It comes with.

Silver could be gilded,

Though that would make it worthless.

But I don't think silver is that bad

If you really think about it.

Gold attracts too much attention,

While silver is a reserved one.

I know silver wants to be gold,

And to stop being compared and contrasted


But maybe at the end of the day

Silver just wants to stay silver