Fair One



Fair one, you have caught my eye with that glance,

while I was only searching the pain in my heart.

Tell me what would you ever want to gain,

of what good to you is my broken soul?


And I caught the spark in your eyes,

that rare and gentle innocence.

You fascinate me with the kindness of your heart -

we're kindred souls after all,

and I cannot help myself but to hope...

that maybe you feel the same

magnetic pull

like waves that pull a ship towards home,

I'm drawn to you tonight, fair one.


You are most beautiful to me.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

She's a tall, attractive, dark-haired lady that I know - and tonight, there was something in her eyes that was more beautiful than all this.  I hope she knows that she's a lovely person inside.

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Oh Adam! That's beautiful!

Oh Adam! That's beautiful! I'm glad you've met someone! <3


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Thanks Moriah

She's been stuck in my head this entire week.


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Awws! That's amazing!

Awws! That's amazing!