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her tongue rattles a smoky gauze
wet lipped licks a velvet pussy
holding her slavering heart

tin tin deo

while she finger painted her inside
thighs  honey glazed red
hot as a fever
her mouth pours out of itself
a flagellating tongue    fluent
cum blizzard

tin tin deo

dumb founded happy cross-eyed
her head like a carved moon
swaying asylums of shrieking beds
curved slick as a honeymoon dick

tin tin deo

a storm of purple
storm of violets
from her warm kiln belly
zodiac    ancient prostitute
ravishing flame
ruler of ever dreams

tin tin deo

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Inter Hot Course

What food for a sadistic army.

So hot made horny for her deep dish inside

His name Sammy the Chef man-eater on the side

Deep inside you sexual lover, he got you gamy.

One chosen I apple turnover so crusty C busty.

What a stormy Ballistic waiter eyes so lusty.

Eyes on the Porn swingers


The sadistic egg beater and his hot Mommy. 

You just can't get enough to hate him the hot course, 

 Whoa "Tits and Tamales" his big Franks. 

They, demolish his tip of the cock his fucking money. 

You were the waitress sticky hands of dark

exotic honey. This sucked up Master.

What a food sucker he said to spread her hot jam legs

 Her opening entree.


That plate  Horny Hot Dogs and her hotcakes sold. 

So  steamy hot but bold like a puree

that trucker "Duree"

No time intermission. More of Soiree

Deep inside add more erotic food with friction.

 Some of the bodies got scorched. 

What a heat her lips pursed to cook

          "Frenchie Fries"

          No Intermission She's bitched.

 Your breath caught hers all in a hot glitch.

 Did you feel cursed?

Reentering her like a cooked up bitch.

And you are sipping his fuck master mug.

His other lover eyes of a spell. 

Made her into a witch. Deep fried in my switch

  Those wife lovers a hot sauce hot bothered.

The other couple wrestled hot fight

But hustled getting a divorce so mothered. 

Waiting for your hot erotically spouse.

His other lover frightened like rabies by a mouse. 

His Italian horn spouse it beeps. 

Those hot oysters and hot babes met their mobsters.

 He was the made man her bid was his biggest fan

In the "Chef House". 

Taking her Blonde bombshells apart

with red-hot lobsters. 

Those vixens of vultures the pain house of torture. 

That sadistic chef with his sexy cleft.

What fucking bodies does he cook that was left.

Her spouse with the water hose and sprayed your hearty

whole in the foursome 

It was better than dancing on a strippers pole.

 At Christmas time those hungry

"Mr. Cravats"

in her erotic bake shop.His hot devil computer lap

 The windows designed all topless boob cakes.

 Men were still eating their comfort cakes.

Such hot drips melting.

 And His cream inside He's the mandrakes. 

The other men were home for sex breaks.


The sex cookers meeting new prospects

they were used all saucy glazed

With their Christmas ball's

New sex card's at the Mall.

 The Intercourse such heat and friction.

He tied her up Christmas light.

He's oversexed hot course deep throat.

You swallowed like a golf ball.His pain,

not the pleasure.

Sex matrix another ingredient to mix 

He had you way down sex drug fix mansion.

His   Italian horn made you who you are.

The day you were born so cooked all Porn


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Another cooked up erotic read thanks so much for reading my work.

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My Lover's Touch

This is no time for romance. 


We've played our parts and done so beautifully, but now flowery script and greeting card banter is pushed aside for more base desire. 


Prowling on hands and knees towards you: a lioness stalking her inevitable prey. 


You love the way my full lips express my love for you without so much as a word; I adore how your fingers coax forth my innermost melody that erupts not in song

but in moans and whimpers. 


I'm clay in your hands, and there I want to stay forever.


Trace what you desire into my skin with teeth and tongue. 

Warmth and ecstasy will flow unbridled between us, the marks on your back testament to what you've done to me.


I am fully yours and you are mine...


Make me remember that tonight. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My first time trying my hand at erotic prose. CC welcome!

Giving Pleasure

I have no idea why i love it this much is true.....but the passion i feel when I'm giving head to u....to slowly go down on my knees and unzip your pants...to the twirling of my tongue around your thick round penis head....my mouth starts to water wit saliva and spit with one thought of sucking your dick...you like it when i slide you deep down in my throat.... Damn I'm sorry daddy give me a second I'm starting to choke...don't worry I'm not going to stop I'm not going to quit...matter a fact I'm going bring out these nice big round tits....i spit on the head to get ready to lubricate the shaft....i need the doctors to get rid of these tonsils to make a clear path.....i love to look up to see your eyes closed and you biting your lip....that's when i go hard and start twirling my tongue around the head of your dick....harder and faster that's how the rhythm goes I'm not stopping til you get that curl in your toes...i want you to finish on my chest and a lil in my mouth.....i want you to daydream about the day when i went down south.

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The Best I've Ever Had

Kisses and nibbles goin up my back....stroking it wit every motion i feel the swing of ur sack...gripping the sheets so hard to keep that curve to throw it back.....cant disappoint u daddy i know u like it like that....He flips me over wit no time to waste...he gives every inch whats happing to my body I'm starting to shake....he's so damn good this has to be a fantasy it has to be fake...just when i think i can't take anymore pleasure he goes down and gives me face....licking, sucking and slurping it just right....then he gives me that slow grind like we been drinking dirty sprite....He looks at me and says "I got that fire" and u know what he's right....i wonder if this nigga knows he just took my soul tonight.  

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Lust Unexpectedly

Its so weird its so taboo but i cant stop starring across the room at u...i never felt like this before i don't know what to do....but i swear I am insanely attracted to you....my mind escapes me and i start to fantasize of me and you alone in a room just us two....we catch each others eye and i can tell the feeling is mutual...i don't know what to say or what to do....but the unspoken chemistry between us has my clit throbbing this is very unusual...in that moment of second guessing myself you walk across the room and the scent of your fragrance makes me melt....what is it about you that gets me so aroused my pussy is so wet i think i might need a towel....you walk right up to me and you ain't even goin play....you grab me by my neck and whispered in my ear i wanna see how you taste....i cant do nothing else but kiss those big soft pink lips...the sweetness of your lip gloss and the feeling of the wide of your hips makes the gears in my head start to shift...I'm really going there and doesn't feel like a mistake...i wanna lick the icing and eat the birthday cake.....i wanna turn you around and do you like he does me....i want you to beg i even want you to plead...pressed up against me real tight...I going to see what you look like naked before the end of the night....i have already undressed you in head....no more over thinking it baby girl lead me to your bed....I'm  going to go first then you do me....this night wit a women has been pure ecstasy....we didn't need no pill or no drank....a women knows what a women likes that's the only way i can explain....then i snap back to reality and realize it was all just a dream....but guess who is across the room looking at me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

If u like my poems....plzzzzz....comment....or if u dont....plzzz tell me what u think i should do different....thnx

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Relax your mind ,
I'm gonna take my time 
it's just you and I ,
we will be up all night .

So close your eyes 
I'll show you paradise ,
the pleasure is so high 
so please leave your cares behind.

We can groove all night,
cause the feeling is just right .
Yeah, we can take our time 
cause everything's alright.

just me and you 
you and I 
we can do this all up
all night .

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tenderly her tendrils

her soft petals curled open
the nectar drops released themselves clinging to her edges

till the last pull of gravity won its persistent gentle cajoling
the scent filled the air surrounding her
exotically hypnotic drawn like a moth 

it was at this moment his lips brushed her tendrils
and drawn in, he drank deeply till drunk with erotic love.

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Tight Rope

Here we are, once again
The timeless flawless features, of your skin
I touch perfection from my hand to within
Run my finger across your lustrous lips
Walk across a thin silken line, unto your hips

If I fall I hope you catch
There is no saftey net
After all the thrill of a chase
Is so much more fun
But life is nothing
Without your love

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Trapeze artists make it look easy...

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