Loneliness has become my best companion,

In the hours of my days and the visions of my night,

The span of life keeps ticking in seconds, minutes, hours,

The sun heats up the noons and the moon dims the nights.

If I had known that my present life would have been so,

I would not have ventured to peer through the glow,

Of what the past had held and what the future would show.

Like a pebble do I lie on a vast stretch of a seashore,

That this is reality washed away to the core.

My existence revolves around earning and caring,

And my smiles spread for the joy of those living,

They spend some time with and then get busy,

With what they think would always be merry.

The winter's coldness keeps on increasing,

While I call to my Maker to give me one loving,

One loving woman who understands my love,

And showers the same like blessings from Above.

How lovely and joyous will then be this life,

Which is now stabbing me... like knife...


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Composed on November 2, 2016, after a routine day at the home and at work.

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Cherish the Love

A moments lapse in judgement, and all else, foretold 
Honest, a waver too true to mention, and a recourse too late in a spiraled dissension was sown
Oh our child, in you we gave, our life, and every breath henceforth, expunged as by a ceaseless dagger
Deliver us, from this dark hour, all who we are, we gave, and in you, laid bare our trust and prayer, deliver us!
Now and then we seek, yet now, inside a woeful heart is beating, and then, a hope that feels all too fleeting 
Inconsolable are the days, in which we must let you walk away, and we stray at the end of a barren stairway
Passive nights trailing by and by, our love for you insatiable, each hour, as the one before, lackadaisical
Through which juncture refuge will we find, to animate and place in motion and succor us through this storm
This is the day, carry on our child, don't you sway, nor dear to falter
Don't be afraid, when he calls, answer him, hineini, here I am.
Rest no judgement upon those who have once suffered, for to atone is to suffer, alas, all shall suffer before long
Bear what has taken place, repent, and realize as with all things, everything comes to pass, even our sins
Cherish each day, don't go astray, don't you run away, there's no control of what was, so don't pause
There is freedom within, akin to countless flowers, we'll cast the emptiness away, clearing for a pathway
From the anguish we return, if we cry, or if we laugh, its not the end, we're unbent and forever unbroken
We'll find that even without, there is freedom, believe in destiny, cherish the life, and cherish the love
By the sea, eventually all are set free, but right now its time to go, very slow, we let go, 
Then after a rainbow, you're there, smiling, and we keep on, because life's worth living for.
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High and Mighty

I am the king of the broken

Of us fools

Us defective products

The key you see

Is to love every terrible


Of your doomed soul

Adore all the anguish

Upon your weathered smile

Pig out on your pity

Delight in your depression

And breathe

Because the latest breath becomes the rarest

It's not the finale that is precious

It is whatever is next


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living for today! 2015

living for today 2015


my past has demons and they're circling my head

like vultures in the sky that circle the dead

i cant see my future because i dont have a way

to forget about my past and start living for today

how can one let go of a past so cruel and unfair

it's like asking the lion not to drag you to his lair

i'm still damaged by my past and i'll never be ok

how can i forget my troubles and start living for today

yesturday is gone but its still here in the present

those demons have settled in and made me totally bent

but someday someone will stand by me and say

we'll help you forget so you can start living for today




Author's Notes/Comments: 

   I wrote this one because i am having a hard time letting go of my past but im working on it hope you all like it


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The key to happiness

I would introduce myself but it doesn't matter who I am.

I am insignificant, like you. 


No one will remember my name or what I have done,

Or rather what I haven't done.

But to dwell on this thought would be like giving in,

Letting your insignificance stop you from living.


Do not focus on being who people want you to be,

Do not let success be your only option,

Do not fear disappointment or failure,

Simply live.


Never regret anything that makes you smile,

Never forget those irresponsible times that made you who you are today,

Don't let yourself be the picture everyone else has painted you to be,

Be you,

Be true,

Fuck the system. 

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In Memories You Live

Once upon a day I lived, but now only memories and air

Question to exist, and left upon a forgotten chair

I fall victim; the very hostage to a fate that isn't fair


Into the graveyard of memories, where beautiful things fade and die

and behind the dying oak tree, somewhere is you and I

Beside us inscribed on the tomb is where our promises lie.

Eternal here, is the flowers born from the days

Where I thought it was forever and wasn't just a phase

Years long gone, but your spirit forever stays


Under the moon lays the possibilities of love

But in a tree, lies a poor and injured dove

Blind to see the world, and the beautiful stars above

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The Gypsy Side Of Me

Soul Poetry


I have a nomad, vagabond spirit,

And a silver strewn gypsy soul.

I'm finally ready to finally flee,

Finally ready, to finally go.


Caged overly, much too long,

Behind tainted and shattered glass,

I've gotten strong and broken out,

Away from that hurtful, painful past.


Now I'll just wander all around,

Without even much of a care,

But never, ever, ever in time,

Will I ever, go back to there.


I'll find my own beautiful path,

Then even blaze a few dozen more,

I'll tie purple silks, all up in my hair,

As on gauzy wings, I now shall soar.


See, its not that I'm such a rebel,

Just seeking all, I wasn't allowed to be.

I'm on a journey of new life and living,

With this yearning, gypsy side, of me.






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A Lesser Extreme




The brittle bristles 

On her scrubbing brush 

Are cracked and worn,

Her polishing cloth frayed,

And in between

Each piece of silver she shines,

Blossoms a dream

From the musty cellars

Of million dollar mansions.


Dusting off family portraits

Framed in 24 karat carvings,

She wonders about a friend

That was lost in her long days,

Ended in between pages 

Of the romance novels

Read but never lived,

Felt but never touched.


Across the room

An envelope leans against 

A hand painted china doll,

Inscribed with her name,

Inside it, a worthy note 

To satisfy a hard day's work,

But that is not why she comes.


As she locks the door,

And sets the alarm,

Her cellphone rings,

And she hears the same sound

She has heard every night for 27 years,

The voice of he, whom she will never meet.


With a soulful smile,

She perches herself regently

On the ripped vinyl seat of the cab.

She nods to the cabby peering into the rear view mirror.

She powders her nose.


Another day,

Another cab ride,

Another walk up the stairs

To her one bedroom flat.


She drops a shiny quarter 

In the rusted can of the man sitting 

On the stoop next to a sign that reads "will live for nothing".


She runs fresh water over her houseplants,

Eats, showers, and reads.


And says good morning to the night.






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Enter My Fear

All of the welcoming emotion suddenly dies.
and the darkness shrouds the land in only misery's cries.


Enter grief!
A timeless ocean. 
Trapped of despair, trapped without relief
Enter the moon!
Endless racing of the thoughts.
Including you alone, trapped dead inside an empty room

The dead is holding you stiff once more!
Staring into your eyes, never have you felt so gone before

The time comes again, to pit against all that is you
Will you ever find the part of you that is actually true?

Paint the sky bleak
Consider everything we cannot speak

The one painting with the sun I painted as a child is lost.
Reality has broken the barrier, this is the ultimate cost