Loneliness has become my best companion,

In the hours of my days and the visions of my night,

The span of life keeps ticking in seconds, minutes, hours,

The sun heats up the noons and the moon dims the nights.

If I had known that my present life would have been so,

I would not have ventured to peer through the glow,

Of what the past had held and what the future would show.

Like a pebble do I lie on a vast stretch of a seashore,

That this is reality washed away to the core.

My existence revolves around earning and caring,

And my smiles spread for the joy of those living,

They spend some time with and then get busy,

With what they think would always be merry.

The winter's coldness keeps on increasing,

While I call to my Maker to give me one loving,

One loving woman who understands my love,

And showers the same like blessings from Above.

How lovely and joyous will then be this life,

Which is now stabbing me... like knife...


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Composed on November 2, 2016, after a routine day at the home and at work.

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