Forgive The Lack

Soul Poetry

Forgive my lack of sincerity in living,
for my heart just isn't in it right now.
Not for lack of trying,
you see,
but simply as a result
of IT,
it would seem.

The cup that runneth over
long ago crashed to the floor
among all other burdens
and mishaps and maladies-
scattered near my feet,
shards of tiny fine-boned china.

I'd pick them up, but I'd only wind up
bleeding once again.
These cuts don't heal when they are
scarring your soul
from years of being imbedded
and uncared for.

Oh to drink from the glass of hope
and not fear
the shattering of it in your hands.
Every time I take a mere sip,
the more it crackles within'
like a dribble glass,
though not very funny.

So forgive me if I'm not
smiling enough right now
to please the masses
or those close around me,
who wouldn't even know a tear of mine
if it hit them square in the face.

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Model Home Provisional

Yes, your rooms are clean; pristine -
but think of all the use they'd have
if you'd live and love, above
the empty carcass of your home.

----- The lofts were caskets made of dust,
----- but they looked so good in spite of us.
----- And just you think, had we settled,
----- the carpet whites may blemish brown.

Be that as it may, were they
worth the price of eggshell taps?
Haven't you come calling forth
and sat upon the couch and wept?

----- Not within your many realms
----- of understanding, sure, but please,
----- obscure your fraying niceties
----- and look at all the lovely, frozen.

----- I fear your squalor's bit your brain
----- and settled into thoughts inflamed
----- by the very way you live, or breathe;
----- but please do not divine by me.

Expenses spared at age's turn,
Formica on all your logs to burn;
the poisoned fumes make air seem thin
but settle in decor and shimmer.

Each chair has seen no ass at all,
tables set for guests beholden:
no friends arrive to feast with fellow,
for all your manners pinch so shallow.

But I suppose it's not my place
to judge you or your statue's merit.
Everything so quiet, clean, and
bent beyond all aging quarter.

----- See to it we've come no clutter.

I'll see to it your home stays bright.

----- The brightest thing you'd see all night?

The brightest thing you'd see, all right.

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Live Your Life


Live your life,
every single day!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A work in progress!

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We live in modern times,
Where a child gets DVD rhymes,

Technology has moved way a head,
That video conferencing can be done even by sitting on a bed,

The world wants everything fast,
Be it food, commutation, painkillers or a good star cast!

We have reached a point where slow means backward,
Where are we running with so many machines forward?

If one feels a little sick he pops a pill,
Diseases of today jolts one with a big bill,

Years ago the people where stronger,
Years ago people lived more healthy and longer,

Life gets ruined in a fast pace,
As the body grows in an imbalanced base,

The more you want something quicker through a techno bite,
The more your immune system becomes weaker against a disease fight,

If you want to live healthy,
Then live simple even if you’re wealthy,

Use your body for household chores,
Don’t just entertain yourself outdoors,

Eat less and work more,
Don’t be rude by becoming an eye sore!

Lifestyle definition is not in purchasing big brands,
Lifestyle is being content, simple, enjoying even with dish washing hands,

Your lifestyle should give you joy and peace,
Your lifestyle should not be a symbol of your competition fees,

So make your lifestyle as simple as possible,
Work for the underprivileged being as a causable!!

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Lifestyle should be simple!

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Its my life!!!

Most of us screech it loud,
“Its my life” to move away from some dark cloud!

We want to live with freedom,
We want to do things using our own wisdom!

Every time someone speaks a word that is not in our favor
We are angry, disgusted and our goodness turns to a waiver!

We want to do and hear only what we say,
As the words “Its my life” are stuck with every brain ray!

If you say I take full ownership of all my actions,
Then your actions should always carry positive reactions!

When I say “Its my life”, the life measures that are shown are very narrow,
I start building for myself huge amount of sorrow….

Change you’re thought from “Its my life”, to I am focused on a goal,
I am here to give smiles to many people, spread joy and make my life whole!

We just think all the time, what am I going to get?
We Dream for a big career, that’s the desire we want to set!

You have been given a chance to be born human,
Work on humanity to be among the few men!

If you imbibe on humanity today,
The world will become very beautiful to stay….

Decide now! To make this world a wonderful place,
To fill the world with love irrespective of caste and race!!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Its a great thought process that can bring a revolutionary change to life!

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Life's Nature

Breathe with the world
Be intentionally guided 
O'er land and sea and wind

When deepest of calms
Your soul overtakes
Peace does grow within

A light in the eye
Exotic in nature
A thirst for the ways of the world

Foundation provided
Cannot be derided
Your life awaits your whim

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Oh Lord


Oh precious Lord
Your love sustains us
Your ways give us peace
We long for your touch
We love you so much.

Even when I don't see
When I'm asleep you dance over me
When I'm asleep you sing over me

How I yearn to be where you are
Oh Lord touch us today
Give us strength to keep going and keep giving

Keep us under your wings
When I fly I will fly home to you
Your my one true love
To you I give my all

Keep loving us
For your love sustains us

Written By Betty Bolden
Jesus is my joy Ministries

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Ich habe
dieser tag

Ich werde
es leben

(c) copyright heather burns

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questo giorno
prima di.

Va bene
ancora una

(c) copyright heather burns

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