living for today! 2015

living for today 2015


my past has demons and they're circling my head

like vultures in the sky that circle the dead

i cant see my future because i dont have a way

to forget about my past and start living for today

how can one let go of a past so cruel and unfair

it's like asking the lion not to drag you to his lair

i'm still damaged by my past and i'll never be ok

how can i forget my troubles and start living for today

yesturday is gone but its still here in the present

those demons have settled in and made me totally bent

but someday someone will stand by me and say

we'll help you forget so you can start living for today




Author's Notes/Comments: 

   I wrote this one because i am having a hard time letting go of my past but im working on it hope you all like it


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